Can Twilight's TV Reboot Survive Without Its Toxic Love? 10 Potential Disasters

Can Twilight's TV Reboot Survive Without Its Toxic Love? 10 Potential Disasters
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The 'T' in Twilight stands for toxic, and whilst the Twilight Saga was about vampires and werewolves, but the most memorable moments were the toxic ones.

The world has become a lot more aware since 2008, and with a potentially more 'socially acceptable' Twilight TV series in the works, we can't help but wonder if all the toxic-ness is going to be left in the past.

So here's a recap of Twilight's most toxic parts:

Edward's Toxic Traits

Twilight centers around Edward and Bella's relationship, which was unnatural for bigger reasons than Edward being a vampire. His darker side saw tendencies of obsession with Bella, he stalked her, had an impulsive desire to control her, and was often manipulative, but Bella thought it was romantic. (even the part where he watched her sleep).

Nowadays, the idea of it all seems disturbing, but his behavior was a core part of their relationship dynamic, and changing it to make it more appropriate wouldn't feel right.

It's worth mentioning that other obsessive, toxic characters have been pretty popular lately, just think of Joe Goldberg from 'YOU.'

The Love Triangle

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It seems the male figures in Twilight can help but be obsessed with Bella Swan. In this case, it's Jacob Black, who enters Bella and Edward into a love triangle as Jacob tries to assert himself over Edward and throws it in his face. It all comes to a (literal) heat when Jacob has to cuddle Bella to prevent her from freezing and takes great pleasure in holding her and telling Edward, 'I am hotter than you.'

Edward's Sparkly Death Wish in Italy

It was like Romeo and Juliet in some way, but worse. Believing that Bella was dead, Edward traveled to Volterra, Italy to step into the sunlight and expose his sparkling skin to humans, which the Volturi would have punished by execution. There were way less dramatic ways to end his life, but luckily Bella arrived just in time to save him.

Bella's state after Edward leaves her

Bella and Edward were ridiculously co-dependent, and this came to light when Edward left her for her protection. She swiftly became depressed, her grades began to slip, and even endangered her life to get his attention. Without Edward life had no meaning. It's all dramatic but brings attention to the fact that she is as obsessed with him as he is with her. Nowadays, someone would have sent her to get some serious mental help.

Bella keeping her baby even though it's killing her

Pregnancy is meant to be a beautiful feat of nature, but not for Bella. The half-human-half-vampire baby she was carrying began killing her, but she insisted on keeping it.

This brought on one of the most gruesome Twilight scenes to date where keeping her pregnancy resulted in her unborn baby snapping her spine.

Jacob's manipulation

Bella was mentally tortured by both of her prospective love interests and whilst Jacob was usually seen as a better option, he too had some toxic moments. This included him trying to convince her that she loved him and wouldn't admit it, then telling her to choose him or Edward.

He told her that he'd rather she was dead than with Edward (Sorry, what?) and finally the part where he forced himself on her to kiss her. (And then she broke her hand hitting him in the face).

Jacob imprinting on Renesmee

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It seems that Jacob settled for as close to Bella as he could when he imprinted on her infant child. Whilst it was completely unintentional, it was creepy and disturbing, knowing that it could eventually turn into a romantic relationship when she came of age.

Charlie's reaction to Jacob kissing Bella

It's rare to see a father so desensitized to his daughter's feelings. When Charlie finds out about Jacob kissing Bella, and Bella breaking her wrist, his response to the whole situation is to congratulate Jacob, even though he knew it wasn't what Bella wanted.

Bella losing her identity

Largely because of Edward's controlling nature, Bella just seemed to become smaller and smaller. As the star of Twilight, lots of fans look up to her character, but she is far from a good role model.

Throughout the movies, she abandons her friends, loses her personality, doesn't get help when she is depressed, and doesn't stand up for herself. Nobody should ever be that dependent on someone else for their happiness.

The age gap

Looking at the pair on the outside, it's easy to forget the ridiculous age gap between Edward and Bella. The fact that he is 104 whilst she is 17 is just disturbing and makes his obsessive and controlling behavior feel even worse.

Whilst the Twilight saga was and probably always will be heavily criticized because of moments like these, they are undeniably crucial in what makes Twilight what it is, and it will be difficult for the TV series to survive without its toxic love, and please more socially aware audiences at the same time.