Can Outlander Season 7 Redeem the Series? Fans Hold onto Hope

Can Outlander Season 7 Redeem the Series? Fans Hold onto Hope
Image credit: STARZ

Based on Diana Galbadon's bestselling novel series of the same name, Outlander became a highly successful show when it premiered in 2014, but the audience's reception of its six seasons has been rather uneven, with the show's popularity (and quality) peaking in the first half of season three and declining thereafter.

The subsequent seasons received less critical acclaim, and the viewership numbers also started to drop, as many people felt disappointed with the series after season four.

What was the reason for this negative reception, and is there hope that the upcoming seventh season can redeem the series?

According to viewers, the show's decline in quality started in season four, which is infamous for a number of really dubious plot decisions.

People think that the whole sidetrack to Jocasta's plantation didn't really fit the story, as it was only there to show that slavery is bad.

Well, it is bad without a doubt, but if the characters realize that, why do they not do anything to fight the system and simply go on about their own business?

That's what makes this side story completely irrelevant to the overall plot.

Next, there is this whole misadventure of Brianna and Roger. That was not the first time the series used sexual violence for added drama — but certainly the first time it employed basic communication failure as a major plot device, and this tactics was not appreciated by fans.

Furthermore, viewers point out that the earlier seasons were set against the backdrop of momentous historical events, while seasons four to six featured a change of tone, with the Frazers attempting to build a new life for themselves on the American frontier.

While some of those plot decisions couldn't be changed because they were required by the source material, others probably were the result of the show changing its showrunners, with Matthew B. Roberts taking the lead role from Ronald D. Moore.

Such changes inevitably have an effect on the production and end result in film and TV projects, and this seems to be the case with Outlander.

Nevertheless, a number of viewers still argue that seasons 5–6 actually showed an overall steady improvement.

In a discussion on Reddit, one of the fans shared their thoughts and expectations for the upcoming season:

'I'm so excited for S7 because the last two have been incredible, I feel like 3 and 4 they were finding their stride again after changing showrunners, and 5 and 6 represent what to expect going forward.'

And with the Outlander story heading towards the events of the American Revolution, those who find the little world of Fraser's Ridge a bit boring also have something to look forward to — so it's everyone's hope that season seven will introduce the much-needed revival for the beloved show.