Bridgerton Season 3 Pushed to 2024, if Adjoa Andoh Is to Be Believed

Bridgerton Season 3 Pushed to 2024, if Adjoa Andoh Is to Be Believed
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Fans are disappointed with both the news and the actions of the actress who plays Lady Danbury.

The long-awaited news about Bridgerton Season 3 has finally arrived. However, fans are unhappy about both its implications for the beloved series' future and the way the news was delivered.

Adjoa Andoh, who portrays the fan-favorite character Lady Danbury, was interviewed by Hello Magazine at this year's Pride of Britain Awards on October 8 and was asked about Bridgerton Season 3.

Rather than showing solidarity with her striking colleagues overseas and adhering to the SAG-AFTRA rules, the actress did not hesitate to answer the questions, revealing some harsh realities to the fans.

Adjoa Andoh Teases 2024 Release Date

Since Season 3 was already finished before the Hollywood strikes, the main cast members have already had a chance to see the love story of Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton, also known as Polin.

When asked about her thoughts on the upcoming season, Andoh praised the storyline and then waxed poetic about how gratifying it was going to be to finally see the new season because of all the anticipation that was going to have built up for it by the time it is released next year.

‘It's very gratifying because we've held our breath for a long time. Because of the way the year's panned out and that the season's going to come out next year, the anticipation is going to grow and grow,’ she said. ‘I think people will feel very satisfied.’

The News Left The Fandom In Despair

It would seem that Andoh was attempting to boost the fans' spirits and provide them with something to look forward to, but her comments had the opposite effect on the vast Bridgerton fan base.

Even though the actress's remarks felt somewhat like betrayal and scabbing, her statement that "the season is going to come out next year" discouraged many fans who were still hoping to enjoy the Polin story in December 2023.

It's been nearly 19 months since the last episode premiered, and the wait for Season 2 is becoming intolerable. If Andoh is to be believed, we are facing an almost two-year hiatus, which is extremely depressing.

Could Adjoa Andoh Be Wrong?

It's apparent that the actress has some insider information, but without an official announcement from Netflix, her words are merely a leak. We've had leaks suggesting a December premiere before, so there might still be a chance for a 2023 release.

However, as the SAG-AFTRA strike continues, that possibility is diminishing with every passing day.

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