Bridgerton Season 3: Is Polin Love Triangle with Fife on the Cards?

Image credit: Netflix

It looks like Colin may face some serious competition for Penelope's hand.

Netflix has struck gold with Bridgerton, collaborating with Shonda Rhimes to bring Julia Quinn's beloved romance series to screens across the globe. Set in a fictional Regency-era England, the show delves into the love lives of young and attractive aristocrats.

Fans eagerly await the third season, which is expected to focus on the much-loved romance between Penelope and Colin.

However, with one specific lord potentially causing problems, viewers are left wondering if their happiness will be short-lived.

Many fans are convinced that Lord Fife is the frontrunner for Penelope's heart, often citing him as the main contender. However, until recently, the possibility of it actually happening had only been wishful thinking. That all changed when Bert Seymour, the actor who portrays Fife on the show, posted a fan art on his Instagram of Penelope holding hands with both Colin and Fife.

This sparked widespread discussion among fans who believed the love triangle could become a reality.

Fans were thrilled to hear the news, as the potential love triangle had long been viewed as the perfect way for Penelope to make Colin feel a twinge of jealousy, compelling him to demonstrate his affection for her.

Furthermore, Lord Fife has a sizable fanbase, and many viewers felt his character did not receive enough screen time in the previous two seasons. With the love triangle storyline seemingly confirmed, Fife is expected to play a prominent role in the upcoming season.

Nevertheless, some fans are sceptical about Seymour's post, arguing that the actor may have only shared the fan art to promote his character rather than reveal plot details.

While the possibility of the love triangle plot is exciting, fans aren't buying it until an official announcement is made. Additionally, they are mindful of how the show's creator, Shonda Rhimes, has expressed her disdain for spoilers in the past and are concerned about the potential repercussions for Seymour if he has indeed revealed any plot details.

It looks like fans are going to have to wait until season 3 is released to see whether their dream love triangle becomes a reality. However, the show writers should probably take note of the fans' desire to see more of Lord Fife.