Bridgerton Season 3 Has Been Great So Far, But This Storyline Seems a Bit Off

Bridgerton Season 3 Has Been Great So Far, But This Storyline Seems a Bit Off
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It comes across as a pointless filler that steals screen time from other characters.


  • In addition to Polin, Season 3 of Bridgerton follows the arcs of many minor characters.
  • Although the Mondriches do not exist in J. Quinn's novels, they have become an integral part of the Netflix show.
  • Their storyline in Season 3 raises a lot of questions.

The highly anticipated third season of Bridgerton premiered over three weeks ago, but the fan frenzy doesn't seem to be slowing down. Perhaps most importantly, Season 3 of Bridgerton reunited us with our beloved characters after a two-year hiatus.

We were finally able to dive into the stories of Colin and Penelope, Eloise and Violet. Even Cressida Cowper's subplot turned out great. But one storyline that seems to have gotten too much attention this season just doesn't feel right.

Will and Alice Mondrich

Unique to Shonda Rhimes' TV adaptation of Julia Quinn's Bridgerton novel cycle, the Mondriches were introduced to the show's audience in Season 1 in the form of Will Mondrich, Simon Basset's closest friend and boxing sparring partner. Through Simon, Will became friends with Anthony and later the other Bridgerton brothers.

After Simon's departure from the show following the happy ending of his and Daphne's storyline in Season 1, Will remained as a recurring character and owner of a newly opened gentlemen's club in Season 2. However, Will's business proved to be a difficult one, and he soon ran into financial problems that led to his bankruptcy.

The Rise of the Mondrich Family

Fortunately, in an ex machina fashion, Will's wife Alice's great aunt, the Lady of Kent, died and bequeathed her title and estate to their eldest son, Nicky. In Season 3, we see the continuation of this subplot as the Mondriches move into Lady Kent's house, Nicky becomes the Baron of Kent, and the family adjusts to their new life in a new status, becoming members of the Ton.

We see Alice Mondrich wearing her late great aunt's exquisite jewelry to balls. And both Will and Alice struggle to come to terms with the Ton's strict rules of conduct and eventually embrace their new lifestyle. But as much as this subplot adds variety to Bridgerton, it also looks like a pointless filler that doesn't really lead anywhere.

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Aside from Benedict Bridgerton and perhaps Lady Danbury, who gave the Mondriches advice on how to behave in the Ton this season, Will and Alice don't interact much with other characters. Will's club seems to be forgotten, although he mentions that he doesn't want to give it up. And as for Alice, what's her role in Season 3?

Unfortunately, the Mondriches don't seem to be very important to the overall plot so far, and yet they're given a lot of screen time. It just doesn't feel right. Hopefully, their stories will be explored more fully in Part 2, which premieres on June 13.

Are you following the Mondriches' arc in Season 3?