Bridgerton Fans Have Spoken: The Most Underrated Character Moment That Needs More Recognition

Image credit: Netflix

Interest in Netflix's show about London's high society during an alternate history Regency era hasn't waned one bit.

Bridgerton, a period drama that follows eight siblings who find their way into London's ton, continues to delight fans.

Based on a series of novels by Julia Quinn, the series has run for two seasons, with at least two more in the pipeline (though Netflix has announced no official release dates yet). All the more reason to discuss the best moments from the lives of the characters of the eponymous family! This time, Reddit users decided to talk about memorable scenes that, unfortunately, don't get much attention.

First, a lot of praise was heaped on Kate Bridgerton, the wife of Anthony, the current Viscount Bridgerton.

“I liked how Kate acknowledged the maids with a nod or a smile. That's like very basic courtesy, lol, but it stood out for me,” Reddit user Traditional_Maybe_80 says.

Kate (née Sharma) spent most of her life in colonial India until she moved to London with her sister and stepmother to break into high society with the last of their money. This experience, combined with her wit, made her independent and respectful of servant labour, unlike most wealthy Londoners.

Fans also remembered the moment Eloise showed empathy for grieving Penelope, who lost her father.

“During most scenes people just think of Eloise as uncaring of others and self-absorbed, but this moment shows that Eloise cares deeply and has a kind heart underneath her rough exterior,” Redditor Sparkle_Markle shares their thoughts.

But as for Kate and Anthony, audiences were drawn the most to moments that best reflected the relationship dynamics between Viscount Bridgerton and his future wife.

“He told her nothing had happened between them. In Episode 7, at the art gallery, Anthony tried talking to her about their kiss, and she told him, ‘Nothing happened between us, how could it?’” Redditor ShootFrameHang reflects.

Undoubtedly, the show offers an abundance of intriguing details that not only highlight the characters' morals but also provide an insight into London's high society. With the highly anticipated new season on the horizon, now is the perfect opportunity to revisit the series and uncover the hidden intricacies of the plot.