Bridgerton Fans Call for a Rewrite of Eloise's Storyline in Season 3

Image credit: Netflix

Bridgerton, the Netflix series that combines historical fiction and romance, saw its first season premiere in 2020, with the second season following in 2022.

So confident were the show's producers in their product that they announced seasons three and four back in 2021, even before season two was released. And when Netflix dropped season 2 in 2022, it didn’t disappoint, surpassing all expectations.

The series follows the Bridgerton family's younger generation, who are on the cusp of entering the high society of Regency-era London. The show's fans currently are not happy about the story arc of one Bridgerton family member.

“I also really want them to change the plot line for Eloise’s story almost completely,” 13redditgrog13 writes on Reddit.

Eloise, a young and impressionable character, possesses a natural curiosity that leads her to question the established order of things. While she is well aware of the societal expectations placed upon her, she refuses to conform to them.

Eloise is not interested in marriage or motherhood and is even terrified of the latter. Her disposition does not align with the typical female expectations of the era, which poses a unique challenge for her character development within the current narrative framework.

Fans have expressed their disappointment in how Eloise has been overlooked, claiming she deserves more attention than she has received.

“She was in one episode last season, most of the general audience would forget about her by the time Eloise has her season,” points out Redditor OreoTart.

It's worth noting that each season focuses on a particular Bridgerton family member. Eloise, the fifth child, seems to have a diminished presence in the current set-up, despite her character having the potential for a more exciting and adventurous storyline.

Interestingly, the show's writers have access to a wealth of source material from Julia Quinn's books, in which Eloise is a very well-developed character. It remains to be seen if Eloise will get the attention and stories she deserves.