Book vs. Movie: 5 Triwizard Tournament Scenes Goblet of Fire Left Out

Book vs. Movie: 5 Triwizard Tournament Scenes Goblet of Fire Left Out
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For many Potter fans, the fourth book in the series, Goblet of Fire, has remained a favorite.

All centred around the events of the Triwizard Tournament, it features some of the franchise's best moments, including new characters, the Yule Ball, and the return of Voldemort. Yet due to the novel's depth and complexity compared to the previous books, many aspects of the tournament had to be unfortunately cut for the film adaptation.

Here are all the scenes omitted from the movie, but were significant parts of the book.

1. The exclusion of Ludo Bagman

One of the first missing details in the film is the absence of Ludo Bagman, an ex-professional quidditch player who helped organize the Triwizard Tournament in the books. The constant conflict between Crouch and Bagman made him a suspect for Harry's unexpected inclusion in the Goblet. In reality, Bagman had placed a substantial bet on Harry winning the tournament to settle his gambling debts. Yet Bagman was entirely left out of the movie and partly merged with Crouch's character instead.

2. Harry impressive flying against the Hungarian Horntail

Unfortunately for fans, the movie didn't capture quite the intensity of the first Triwizard task against the dragons. In the book, Harry employed a daring Quidditch maneuver he had witnessed Viktor Krum perform at the World Cup. This exhilarating moment showcased Harry's flying skills and captivated readers. However, the film depicted a very different scenario, with the Horntail breaking free and chasing Harry around Hogwarts before falling off a cliff.

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3. Dobby's involvement in helping Harry

Surprisingly, Dobby the house-elf played a significant role in Harry's success in the second Triwizard task in the lake. Dobby was meant to be the one to supply Harry with the Gillyweed. Sadly, due to high animation costs, his part was replaced with Neville Longbottom. It's a shame that more of Dobby had to be left out of the franchise, as he has always been a much-loved character among fans.

4. Most of the third Triwizard task

The movie also downplayed much of the excitement of the third Triwizard task. While the film focused on the maze's difficulty, it omitted Harry's several thrilling encounters in the book. Including a suspenseful encounter with a sphinx, a bogart, spiders, and some mysterious golden mist. The exclusion of these parts has often left fans yearning for these additional scenes they anticipated from the book.

5. The real prize of the tournament

Lastly, the Goblet of Fire movie overlooked Harry's Triwizard Tournament winnings. In the book, along with the Triwizard Cup, the winner was also said to be awarded 1000 Galleons. Harry, believing the prize rightfully belonged to Cedric Diggory, attempted to give the money to Cedric's parents. However, when they declined, he selflessly gave it to Fred and George Weasley, who had been swindled by Ludo Bagman. Unfortunately, this heartwarming moment was also left out of the movie, robbing fans of the one positive outcome of the tournament and a touching scene.