Below Deck Fans Can't Help But Love Gary

Below Deck Fans Can't Help But Love Gary
Image credit: Legion-Media

Below Deck Sailing Yacht's character seems like an adorably wonderful guy.

Bravo's Below Deck was an absolutely hit show from the start, as the idea of looking behind the scenes on a luxury superyacht cruise and seeing what the crew were up to seemed like a winning formula for millions of fans around the world. And it totally worked since the main series is currently in its 10th season and has already spawned two spin-offs, Mediterranean and Sailing Yacht.

It is the latter reality show that we have to thank for introducing us to First Officer Gary King.

This insanely charming guy was introduced in the series in season two, set in Croatia, and then returned to the series in part three, centered on Spain. But at first glance, it seemed that Gary was a complete ruin of a character, as his womanizing tendencies and chill attitude to everything painted him as a spoiled brat rather than a future beloved hero.

Despite this initial setback, fans instantly changed their minds after spending some time with Gary and falling in love with him in the process.

Being such a ladies' man did not stop Gary from becoming fans' favorite because it turned out he was fully aware of his playbole role and constantly made fun out of himself for that matter. In fact, it was this self-deprecating but good humor that totally captured the audience's hearts, and many admitted that they wished they had someone like Gary as a friend in their lives.

Of course, humor isn't the only positive side to Gary, as he is also simply a great worker, who never lets his carefree persona to hurt his coworkers or the yacht's guests.

His kind heart and finesse as the first officer made him the real face of Below Deck Sailing Yacht and even forced some of the fans to liken Gary to a Labrador, describing him as a goofy, funny, and good-spirited puppy who makes everyone around him happy. People really wish that Bravo would acknowledge that and ask Gary to come back for the upcoming fourth season.