Barbenheimer is the Best Thing Oppenheimer Could Asked For, but Nolan Isn't Happy

Barbenheimer is the Best Thing Oppenheimer Could Asked For, but Nolan Isn't Happy
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Barbie-mania has taken over the nation, but Oppenheimer's director is not pleased.

July 21 is probably the most anticipated date of this summer, as two potential blockbusters, Barbie and Oppenheimer, will be released on the same day, and the phenomenon has even been given a name — Barbenheimer. People are excited to attend the premieres of two promising films at the same weekend, and have created a plethora of crossover memes.

But there seems to be only one person in the world who doesn't relish the prospect of seeing bright pink explosions. That person is Oppenheimer's almighty auteur, Christopher Nolan. So why isn't he thrilled, considering that Barbie clearly helped to market his movie?

Warner Bros. has been actively marketing the upcoming Barbie, and over the past couple of years, there's been no lack of flashy photos from the set, as well as all sorts of news like a shortage of pink paint on the market. Universal Pictures, on the other hand, has promoted Oppenheimer much more modestly, and the anticipation for Barbie has clearly boosted fans' excitement for Nolan's biopic, with even Gerwig and Robbie getting involved, posing in front of the Oppenheimer poster and showing off their movie tickets.

So why is Oppenheimer's director unhappy with what's going on? Apparently, it has to do with his feud with Warner Bros., which resulted in Oppenheimer being his first project to be released outside the WB aegis in 20 years. As Tenet was released on HBO Max due to the COVID pandemic, Nolan, who had been counting on a theatrical release, was disappointed with the producer's decision and severed his partnership with the studio.

'Those who care about the theatrical experience, we've been longing for a crowded marketplace with a lot of different movies. That's what theaters have now, and those of us who care about movies are thrilled about that,' the iconic director told The Insider.

However, Nolan is evidently not 'thrilled' about the competition with Barbie, probably thinking that Warner Bros. decided to put the release date on the same day as Oppenheimer to spite him. While this sounds somewhat unlikely, there is no denial that WB could have moved the premiere date because Barbie's active promotion definitely allowed for it.

Nonetheless, fans are entertained by the whole situation, making hilarious memes and comparing the movies' box-office rivalry to the 2016 US presidential election.

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Barbenheimer will hit US theaters on July 21, 2023.

Source: The Insider.