Are Kate, Hannah, and Daisy Overrated or Truly Great at Their Jobs? Below Deck Fans Weigh in

Image credit: Bravo TV

Do these fan-favorite characters continue to star in the series because of their popularity or great perfomance?

The Bravo reality show, which details the lives of a crew working abroad on a luxury superyacht and trying to hide their feelings from the watchful eyes of wealthy guests, has been a great success for almost a decade. Unsurprisingly, Bravo decided to produce two spin-offs of the original show and since then the Mediterranean and Sailing Yacht series have continued to impress fans.

People love to follow crew members in their working lives, yet the question that arises is whether some of the cast members are kept in the show for their ability to generate drama or for their exceptional job performance?

Obviously, because Below Deck is a reality show rather than a documentary, everyone involved has to constantly provide fans with something juicy to stay in the series.

And the three chef stewards perfectly embodied this idea – Kate, Hannah and Daisy.

Despite holding one of the most important positions on the yacht, these three women faced persistent doubts from fans regarding their work ethic even when they were performing exceptionally well.

The three of them have larger-than-life personalities, constantly providing viewers with insane drama and hilarious subplots. But they were clearly too involved in the production of the show to do their real jobs properly.

Fans argue that while Daisy was definitely a first-rate head steward, taking good care of all her employees, Hannah and Kate left a lot to be desired.

Many describe Hannah as a rather lazy manager, constantly getting her workers to do most of the work for her, while she herself took extended breaks for no apparent reason. Kate was a little more sufficient, but her complete inability to contain her anger from taking it out on the workers made their lives a nightmare.

Although the three of them were a bit overrated in terms of job performance, they were definitely worthy of their place in the show, at least because of the amount of content they have produced over the years.