American Idol Fans Ready to Boot 'Boring' Luke Bryan, Beg to Re-Hire Ex-Judge Instead

American Idol Fans Ready to Boot 'Boring' Luke Bryan, Beg to Re-Hire Ex-Judge Instead
Image credit: ABC

Fans are growing increasingly tired of this season's judges.

American Idol attracts audiences because the performers showcase their raw talent on stage while the judges put on a performance of their own, entertaining the audience between acts, providing insightful commentary, and guiding the contestants. However, that hasn't always been the case this season.

Critics argue that the judges have either been too uninterested in the contestants' music, too lenient towards them, or too incompetent.

Many viewers agree that it might be time to replace Luke Bryan, with some suggesting that people are tired of country music.

Instead of Bryan, fans propose bringing back jazz singer, musician, and composer Harry Connick Jr. He previously mentored the Top 5 and Top 4 in seasons 9 and 12, respectively. Afterwards, he was invited to be a judge for seasons 13, 14, and 15 until the show moved to ABC in 2018.

'He was the only one to give actual musical critique, down to music theory specifics,' a fan said. Connick is an accomplished musician who began playing the piano and released his first jazz album at twenty, skillfully combining vocals and instrumentals.

His work as a singer, musician, and composer spans numerous famous films, including When Harry Met Sally, The Godfather Part III, and a host of Broadway musicals. He is intimately familiar with music and its technical and artistic components.

In contrast, Luke sometimes appears disinterested in the proceedings.

'Luke only seems interested when country singers audition,' another fan pointed out.

Although Luke is a country singer and understandably more knowledgeable in that genre, the point of judging is to provide unbiased opinions. Even in season 21, Luke seems mainly focused on giving constructive criticism to country singers Warren Peay and Colin Stough.

'Harry did a great job on Australian Idol this year,' one of the Redditors added. Harry Connick Jr. appeared as a judge on the eighth season of Australian Idol this year, so it wouldn't be surprising to see him return to the American version.

In the meantime, we still have to finish this season with Luke. The next episode will be released on 30 April.

Source: Reddit.