American Idol Fans Baffled by Katy Perry's Attempts to Stir More Drama

American Idol Fans Baffled by Katy Perry's Attempts to Stir More Drama
Image credit: ABC

Katy is perhaps one of the most ‘problematic’ judges this season.

Over its 21-year run, American Idol has been known for stellar performances and never-ending human drama. And sometimes, this drama is created by the judges.

Whether or not they intentionally provoke tension to boost ratings, fans seem to be growing weary of the way celebrities treat aspiring singers. The current season is no exception, with the 'Queen of Camp' Katy Perry taking centre stage.

A recent controversy involving the judges revolves around Nutsa Buzaladze, a 25-year-old contestant from Tbilisi, Georgia (the country in the Caucasus, not the US state).

In the previous episode during the second part of Hollywood Week, Nutsa performed alongside fellow contestant Carina DeAngelo. However, DeAngelo was disappointed with their performance, claiming Nutsa slept through the rehearsal.

Buzaladze ultimately won the round, but Katy Perry advised her to display 'more grace', which visibly upset Nutsa. While Perry didn't intend to hurt the contestant's feelings, she seemed to overlook the emotional stress Nutsa was under, which hindered her comprehension of a language that isn't her native tongue.

In the following episode, Buzaladze apologised to Katy after her performance. Yet, instead of showing empathy, the judge once again caused the Georgian singer unnecessary distress.

'We did not put you in the Top 24. You put yourself in that Top 24!' Perry declared. Even though the judges were expressing approval, a stressed-out Nutsa misunderstood the statement and concluded that she had been eliminated. Naturally, this upset the fans.

One fan expressed dissatisfaction, stating, 'Her English is fantastic, but in this stressful situation (understandably so), she was confused. I felt so bad for her. Like - just tell the girl she made it.'.

It's hard to imagine the thoughts racing through a performer's mind after such a high-stakes performance with a live band and massive audience. The confusion would have been even greater for a non-native speaker.

Fans recalled that Perry had exacerbated the contestants' anxiety before. They also expressed resentment, remembering the emotional reaction of Fritz Hager, a contestant from the previous season.

Despite the emotional rollercoaster Nutsa has experienced this season, we are happy to see her going from strength to strength.