All Steamy Polin Scenes We Need To See In Bridgerton Season 3, Ranked

All Steamy Polin Scenes We Need To See In Bridgerton Season 3, Ranked
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What's your number one passionate moment in the book?

Netflix's Bridgerton is renowned for deviating from its sometimes problematic source material, Julia Quinn's romantic book series. In many instances, these unique creative choices work to the show's advantage.

However, for Season 3, the writers are adapting the fourth book in the series, Romancing Mister Bridgerton, which features numerous iconic graphic scenes that we are really looking forward to seeing on screen. And it is our earnest hope they keep them as is.

Here are the top five, ranked in reverse order of their intensity.

5. First Kiss

Perhaps the most innocent yet intensely passionate scene in Romancing Mister Bridgerton is the first kiss between Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton, also known as Polin. The two friends find themselves alone, and Pen, described as a 28-year-old spinster in the book, musters the courage to ask Colin to kiss her.

He complies, and the experience strikes him like a bolt of lightning. He savors every second of it and realizes his true attraction to Pen. From that moment forward, he can never think about the woman as a friend again.

4. Mirror

This is just a line within a larger scene in Julia Quinn's novel. Colin shares with Penelope his fantasy of making love in front of a mirror to appreciate her body in its full nudity. Although they never act on this fantasy in the book, Nicola Coughlan hinted that this moment could be shown in the series. We are certainly excited about this possibility.

3. Engagement Party

While Romancing Mister Bridgerton is charged with sexual tension throughout, the only explicit lovemaking scene occurs when the main characters sneak away from their engagement party to be intimate.

This electrifying, sensual moment, filled with heartfelt confessions and passionate action, could potentially be the climax of Season 3.

2. Violet's Drawing Room

Physical intimacy is thrilling, but the tension that precedes it can be even more enthralling. Polin shares several passionate moments throughout the book, and one of them (reportedly Coughlan's favorite) takes place before the engagement party.

When the characters find themselves alone on Lady Violet's sofa, Colin can't keep his hands off Penelope but restrains himself to avoid being discovered. To ensure Pen understands his feelings, he confesses his desire for her, and this declaration is more arousing than any actual physical contact.

1. Carriage

The most intense scene is, of course, the carriage scene, which is a crucial moment in the Polin narrative. Colin follows Penelope to her publisher and discovers she is the elusive Lady Whistledown. Their argument in the carriage leads to the most provocative scene in the novel, filled with kissing and sexual innuendo.

Frankly, it's impossible to envision Polin without the carriage scene. Thankfully, the show's creators teased in their start-of-filming announcement that this scene will be included.

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