After Seven Seasons, Katy Perry Is Leaving American Idol, Here's Why

After Seven Seasons, Katy Perry Is Leaving American Idol, Here's Why
Image credit: ABC

The show's most controversial memorable judge is leaving after Season 22.


  • American Idol has seen a lot of scandals and controversies involving Katy Perry since its return in 2018.
  • During season 16, the singer faced a backlash from the audience for breaking a contestant's personal boundaries.
  • Katy Perry is leaving after the current season because she wants to focus on her personal life and music career instead.

When American Idol was revamped by ABC after Fox had canceled it two years earlier, it instantly proved popular with the audience. Perhaps, the line-up of celebrity judges including Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan, and Katy Perry and the zest and energy that they bring to the table is the main reason for the show's success. But there's one more factor that keeps drawing more viewers each season – Katy Perry's controversial behavior.

Since her first season of American Idol, Katy Perry has wreaked much havoc on the show due to her dubious actions. In season 16, for instance, she kissed a contestant in front of the cameras and the other judges. When nineteen-year-old Benjamin Glaze came on the show and told the judges that he'd never kissed a girl before, Perry prompted him to 'smooch' her on the cheek. But when the boy went in for the kiss, the singer turned and kissed him on the lips.

A Funny Breach of Boundaries

Sure, it looked funny and amusing on camera. In fact, the boy fell to the ground in shock at what had just happened. But the incident sparked a heated online discussion, with many people calling out Katy Perry for inappropriate behavior.

'Contestant: I'm 19 and I've never kissed a girl before, I want to wait for a meaningful relationship.

Katy: Hippity Hoppity your lips are now my property,' one YouTuber ridiculed the singer's stunt.

On the other hand, Katy Perry's antics cemented her reputation as the most memorable judge on American Idol. But it looks like she's leaving the show after the current, twenty-second season.

New Horizons

'This fall, in September, I'm gonna be doing this huge music festival in Brazil, called Rock in Rio,' Katy Perry revealed during a recent interview. 'I think this probably will be my last show, my last season for Idol. I love Idol so much. It's connected me with the heart of America, but I feel like I need to go out and feel that pulse, that pulse to my own beat.'

It's been a day since Season 22 premiered on ABC, so Katy Perry is back on the panel as a judge and mentor to the new wave of talented contestants. However, the singer's fans will have to brace themselves for not seeing her reprise the role in the next installment.

'This is our seventh season. Simon [Cowell], Paula [Abdul], Randy [Jackson] – they had seven seasons, so it's kinda like [a tradition],' Katy Perry commented on whether season 22 would be her farewell installment of American Idol. 'I love the show so much, but I wanna go and see the world and, maybe, bring new music.'

Luckily, the singer left some room for hope when she said that she would love to return to American Idol one day. Besides, we still have a whole season of Perry ahead of us. Episode 2 will be released on February 25th.

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