After All the Cheating Drama, What's With Justin Timberlake Now?

After All the Cheating Drama, What's With Justin Timberlake Now?
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What happened to the former megastar?

Just ten years ago, Justin Timberlake was one of the world's hardest-working celebrities - dropping number-one hits, starring in blockbuster movies, performing at the Super Bowl. Now? He's barely on anyone's radar.

What happened to JT? Does his fall from grace have anything to do with the cheating allegations?

Timberlake was the youngest member of NSYNC, the hottest boy band of the early 2000s. He was every millennial's celebrity crush. After going solo, he released hits like Cry Me a River and Rock Your Body, then decided to dabble in acting. He appeared in the critically acclaimed Social Network and starred in the romcom Friends with Benefits.

In 2012, he also married actress Jessica Biel, the now adult child star of 7th Heaven. After ten years of marriage, they were considered one of the healthiest and most stable couples in Hollywood. That's why it was such a shock when Justin was accused of cheating.

Around their ten-year anniversary last October, Tik-Tok user @itssaraphillips posted a clip saying: "If people are mad about Adam Levine [in the midst of a cheating scandal] and I'm like LOL wait till you hear about... JT."

@itssaraphillips dont laugh at my nails im takin them off lol #adamlevine #bigmad #DidYouYawn ♬ original sound - ⛈

The user didn't provide any further information, but this wasn't the first time Timberlake has been accused of cheating.

He was accused of cheating on Cameron Diaz, which led to their split after she introduced him on Saturday Night Live. After beginning a relationship with Biel in 2007, he reportedly had a three-day "fling" with Olivia Munn in 2010, leading to his split from Biel in 2011.

After their reconciliation and subsequent marriage in 2012, the relationship hit another rough patch in 2019 - though this one was much more public.

Timberlake starred in the Apple TV+ movie Palmer, in which he played an ex-con. Alongside him in the cast was Alisha Wainwright, the breakout star of Netflix's Raising Dion. Photos surfaced of the two at a New Orleans bar during a break in filming, and let's say, the two were getting a little too cozy for a married man; they were holding hands under the table, and she had her hand resting on his mid-thigh.

Most importantly: He didn't appear to be wearing a wedding ring.

Justin has denied all allegations of cheating, but admitted that his actions were inappropriate and set a bad example for his two sons.

There are many other possible reasons why Timberlake's popularity has waned in the current decade. After the recent documentary about his ex-girlfriend, fellow 2000s megastar Britney Spears, the public realized he played a very negative role in her very public struggles. He and Biel also supported a California bill that would tighten medical exemptions for children's vaccines, leading many to label the two as "anti-vax." For many, that's reason enough to end their fandom with both stars.

But were the cheating allegations the last straw for fans, the final blow to end his run as an A-lister?

Source: NBC News.