A Surprising Way Daniel Radcliffe Wreaked Havoc On Set of Harry Potter

A Surprising Way Daniel Radcliffe Wreaked Havoc On Set of Harry Potter
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The actor himself doesn't believe the rumors.


  • Harry Potter is beloved for its meticulous depiction of a magical world.
  • Daniel broke more than one prop on the set.
  • The actor admits he's at fault, but says the number was actually as high as rumored.

It's been a little over twenty-two years since the Harry Potter film series debuted and became one of the most successful and popular franchises, and rightly so. This year, fans of the franchise received exciting news about HBO's plans to turn the beloved story into a television series. However, the original will always remain unmatched in fandom's hearts.

Even if you have no idea what Harry Potter is about, you definitely know what it looks like. Old buildings, old-fashioned people, magical creatures, owls delivering your mail, flying broomsticks, wands... However, it seems that the beauty of this world captured on camera has been hard to maintain, and the franchise's ultimate star, Daniel Radcliffe, is to blame.

Daniel Radcliffe – The Destroyer of Wands

According to Pierre Bohanna, the man behind all the props in the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts film series, approximately eighty wands were made for Daniel Radcliffe's character during the original franchise's ten-year run. The reason for this was obvious: the actor was constantly breaking the props during filming as he romped around with them, drumming with them and banging them against his limbs.

As a result, the wands lost their original look and had to be replaced with new ones. What's ironic about this is that in the movies, it was Rupert Grint's Ron Weasley who broke his wand and suffered immense consequences.

Radcliffe Denies the Allegations

For his part, the Harry Potter star is reluctant to believe that he caused so much havoc on the set. He admits that he did break a few wands, but not nearly as many as alleged.

'There is a thing that I sometimes see on Twitter that's like when I'm going on it to not have one, but to look at other people's, amazing facts or weird trivia thing will pop up and be like, "Daniel Radcliffe broke a hundred wands or, like, sixty wands on set." It's not that many, guys,' he said.

'I used to use them and drum on my leg with it the whole time and be doing it all the time. And eventually, you know, you sort of wear them down and they will break. But yeah, it wasn't as many as that and I feel like everyone [on the set of Harry Potter] got through a few and I was probably twelve, maximum, absolute maximum of twenty,' Daniel Radcliffe said in an interview.

Well, since there's no way we can check who tells the truth, we might only guess. But eighty is indeed an unfathomable number.

Source: YouTube.