A Stranger Things Star Criminal Minds Cast Wants On Their Show ASAP

A Stranger Things Star Criminal Minds Cast Wants On Their Show ASAP
Image credit: Paramount, Netflix

The fan-favorite procedural drama series Criminal Minds is back on our screens, yay!

The revival of Criminal Minds, which has the sub-title Evolution, is a direct sequel to the series that ended in 2020. And so, the cast of the show clearly wants a very popular actor to appear as a guest star on this occasion. Who is it?

The finale of Evolution season 1 was released on February 9, 2023. And now a second season is in development... or the seventeenth, you know. Although no official announcement has been made, showrunner, producer and writer Erika Messer has stated that the film crew plans to begin shooting the second season this spring. Thus, the release of the new season should be expected at least in the last quarter of 2023.

As with the original series, the creators will probably invite celebrities to guest star in the project. And it seems that A.J. Cook, who plays Jennifer Jareau, has the idea of inviting someone from Stranger Things!

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When asked by BuzzFeed whose appearance the actress would most like to see, Cook responded without hesitation:

"How great would it be if we got David Harbour. He's amazing! That would be awesome. Like, he doesn't even have to be the bad guy. I just want him on our show in any capacity."

Harbour is a wonderful actor with a wide range of performances. And given that he started his career in television specifically in procedural dramas, having appeared in several episodes of the Law & Order franchise, he would have been a perfect fit as a criminal (although A.J. Cool has noted that she would love to see him in any role in the project).

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Though, much to the chagrin of fans, the series is unlikely to feature such beloved characters as Aaron Hotchner and Derek Morgan (who have retired to devote time to their families), the core team of the Behavioral Analysis Unit is back in action!

This time, the BAU faces a criminal network created by serial killer Elias Voit. Although Voit was captured in the season finale, the agents must continue to unravel the consequences of his sick mastermind.

Hopefully, Harbour himself would be happy to participate in Criminal Minds, either helping or hindering BAU in cahoots with Voit. In the meantime, we will have to wait for more news from the creators of the series.