A One Direction Biopic? You Won't Guess Who Niall Horan Would Want to Star in It

A One Direction Biopic? You Won't Guess Who Niall Horan Would Want to Star in It
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There's at least one actor who seems born to play Niall Horan.

Successfully navigating his solo career, Niall Horan is now making headlines as a first-time coach whose team won The Voice US Season 23 and as a singer-songwriter with two hit albums under his belt and a third one coming out in June.

However, it looks like the star's fans will always be most interested in his time as a member of One Direction.

Since their formation in 2010, One Direction has become a true pop culture phenomenon with a cult following. Despite the band's indefinite hiatus since 2016, fans continue to pay close attention to the lives of the ex-bandmates.

During Niall Horan's recent interview with ET Canada, host Morgan Hoffman revealed how shocked she was to see thousands of fans gather outside the studio to catch a glimpse of Niall as he arrived for the interview.

'It is nuts.' Horan commented. 'Like on a cold, wet afternoon in Toronto, they're out there in the thousands probably at this point. I heard they were camping and stuff. Thank you. It's brave. I wouldn't recommend it next time maybe, but thanks. It's pretty cool.'

Unsurprisingly, with the craze like this and the general popularity of music biopics lately, a movie about the iconic boy band has long been in the rumor mill. Morgan Hoffman asked Horan who he would like to play his part should Hollywood finally act on the rumors.

'Good question,' Niall replied without missing a beat. 'I guess that'd have to be a young actor by the time that happens. Currently, if someone was to play me, it would Allen Leech from Downton Abbey.'

Although the Downton Abbey alum is 12 years older than Horan, the resemblance between him and the 1D star is uncanny. Niall recalled a hilarious story when the two celebrities ran into each other at a café in LA and accidentally acted out the famous Spider-Man pointing meme.

'We actually do [look alike], it's crazy. Like I've seen side-by-side,' Niall confirmed.

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Niall also added that the role was not going to be too much of a challenge for the actor — at least when it comes to the accent part.

'And we're both Irish, too. [Leech] won't have to change his accent,' Horan said before joking that another option might be Leonardo DiCaprio.

Source: ET Canada.