A (Frankly Disturbing) Thing Harrison Ford Had to Do Playing Indiana Jones

A (Frankly Disturbing) Thing Harrison Ford Had to Do Playing Indiana Jones
Image credit: Legion-Media

Hats off to Harrison Ford for this one. Or should we say, hats on?

Harrison Ford is widely known for his iconic role in the Indiana Jones franchise, but credit should also be given to the charming and relatable Ford who made the character of Indiana Jones famous. He dedicated himself to the role of our beloved hero ‘Indy’ in four adventure-packed films, and recently returned to his role for a fifth film.

At the mention of ‘Indiana Jones’ it’s almost possible to hear the adventure soundtrack that accompanied the movies, as well as the sound of Indiana Jones cracking his whip, or telling a greedy thief, “this belongs in a museum.”

Besides his whip and signature line, another essential element of the character was his fedora hat, which would have caused problems during filming if it continuously flew off or needed adjusting. It seems that Ford had a solution, but it wasn’t pretty. If the bugs and snakes in the films gross you out, then this fact will likely make you cringe even more.

There is a video from behind the scenes of “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark” where Ford appears to be stapling his fedora to his head to keep it in place. When asked about his gruesome DIY solution in an interview, Ford showed off his staple scars and simply said, "You do what you need to do."

Few actors have committed to a role as Ford did to Indiana Jones and even fewer can say they stapled a piece of clothing to themselves.

Some critics still debate whether the staple gun used in the behind-the-scenes tape was ever loaded, and suggest that it was a joke.

That may be so, but then we would need another explanation as to how his hat stayed on perfectly during high-speed car chases, horseback pursuits, physical fights, physical fights on moving vehicles, and every fall, explosion, and a narrow escape in between.

Indiana Jones’s hat made up part of one of the most recognizable costumes on-screen, and Ford wasn’t letting it go anywhere.

The hat made an appearance in the latest movie, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, which premiered on June 30, 15 years after the last film was released, although this time, it is clear that Harrison Ford has moved past his days playing with a stapler.