A Bridgerton Fan Theory: How Will Season 3's Biggest Character Triangle End?

A Bridgerton Fan Theory: How Will Season 3's Biggest Character Triangle End?
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There's no way they can become a trio.


  • Season 3 of Bridgerton has already captivated audiences despite its short run.
  • Some of the show's main characters are currently in a precarious situation.
  • The future of the season's most unexpected relationship doesn't look good.

Bridgerton's recently released third season is exciting for several reasons. First and foremost, Penelope and Colin's love story finally comes to fruition after two seasons of gradual build-up. Then, Benedict's new love affair seems to be more than just another fling. And of course, many viewers are patiently following Pen and Eloise's relationship after their falling-out over Lady Whistledown.

Season 3 began with Penelope and Eloise not speaking to each other. Fortunately, as time went on, the two characters seemed to be on their way to reconciliation. However, the trailer for Part 2 of the third season of Bridgerton suggests that they will once again be feuding over the same thing – Pen being Lady Whistledown. To add insult to injury, Eloise has another friendship that really complicates her relationship with Penelope.

The Ton's Two Greatest Nemeses

Aside from the fact that Eloise and Cressida are two polar opposites whose friendship seems more than unlikely, Cressida and Penelope don't have the best of histories. Since Season 1, Cressida Cowper has been Pen's biggest bully, humiliating the youngest Featherington and turning the tide against her.

It's also Cressida who is partly to blame for Penelope's lack of success in finding a suitor. Needless to say, there's a lot of tension between them, so it's unlikely that they can both be friends with Eloise. In fact, Pen scolded Eloise for befriending Cressida at the beginning of Season 3. So how could this friendship triangle be resolved?

Easy Come Easy Go

Since Penelope and Eloise are canon, it's unlikely that their friendship will be any less than Eloise and Cressida's. Despite their disagreements and feuds, Pen and Eloise will find a way to be friends again. Cressida, on the other hand, unexpectedly became Penelope's friend. And there are many signs that this relationship, as fascinating and uplifting as it is, will be short-lived.

To begin with, Cressida's parents have forbidden her to associate with Eloise, who they believe is a bad influence on their daughter. Cressida doesn't have the backbone of Eloise to go against her family's wishes for long. Besides, despite Eloise's influence, Cressida's main goal remains to find a husband and marry successfully. With this in mind, she won't hesitate to accept an advantageous proposal, even if it means leaving Eloise behind.

To sum up, Cressida is likely to be engaged or even married in no time, and will retreat to her husband's family home, where she won't see Eloise very often. As a result, their friendship will gradually fade away, while Peloise will become strong again.

We'll see how this story plays out when Part 2 of Bridgerton's third season premieres on June 13.

Do you think Eloise and Cressida will remain friends after Season 3?