8 Celebrities Who Proved That Waiting Until Marriage is Still a Thing

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Find out the reasons why these beautiful and famous women chose to remain chaste until marriage.

Lisa Kudrow

While Lisa's Friends character Phoebe would often be seeing several men at once, Lisa couldn't have been more different in real life. She firmly believed in chastity until marriage.

She met her future husband on set. Lisa was 31 when she married Michael Stern. The couple soon had a son, Julian, and they remain happily married to this day.

Brooke Shields

Brooke got into the show business very early: she first started modelling as a child. Later on, she participated in some risque photo shoots that stirred a lot of controversy. 1980 saw Brooke star in the cult film The Blue Lagoon, which featured numerous sex scenes.

It was all pretend, though, as, in real life, Brooke Shields resolved to only have sex after marriage. She was 22 when she married tennis player Andre Agassi. Their marriage only lasted two years, though. After that, life became more like movies...

Celine Dion

Young Celine met her future husband when she was only 12 years old. The producer and music manager, Rene Angelil, was 38 then! Of course, any romantic relationship was out of the question. The man saw in Dion a talented girl with a great future ahead of her and helped her with her career.

The two started seeing each other when Celine was 19, and several years after that, the couple tied the knot. Celine did not hide the fact that she had never had sex before marriage.

She always said that Rene was her first and only love. Sadly, he died in 2017 after a long illness, and the performer said she intended to remain faithful to him for the rest of her life.

Mariah Carey

It's common knowledge that Mariah has had plenty of suitors and has dated her share of handsome men. However, when she was young, she was a quiet and modest girl. Apparently, she had sex for the first time after marrying producer Tommy Mottola in 1993. Mariah was 24 then.

Ever since she divorced him, it's been raining men for her. Rumour has it her wedding to billionaire James Parker got cancelled because Mariah kept right on sleeping around even after the two were engaged.

Adriana Lima

Adriana is known as a model and a zealous Catholic who tries to keep all the covenants. Thus, she was still a virgin at age 27 when she married Serbian basketball player Marko Jaric.

The couple had two daughters but separated shortly after the second girl was born.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica grew up in a priest's family, so keeping her virginity until marriage was a matter of course for her. There was just no other option.

She was 22 when she married singer Nick Lachey, and he became her first man. However, the couple separated four years later. Fortunately, Jessica soon met NFL player Eric Johnson, whom she promptly married and proceeded to have three children with.


Beyonce dated someone for seven years before she met her husband, rapper Jay-Z. However, that seven-year relationship never went beyond first base.

Beyonce says she was determined to only have sex after marriage. She married Jay-Z in 2008 and had sex for the first time.

Hilary Duff

Hillary's been quoted as saying on several occasions that family and purity are essential to her. She was 23 when she married Canadian hockey player Mike Comrie. The couple only had sex for the first time after they had said their vows.

They had a son, Luca, but a few years later, the marriage ended. In 2019 Duff married musician Mathew Comrie after dating him for two years. They then had two daughters together.