7 Secret Rooms in Buckingham Palace No One Talks About

7 Secret Rooms in Buckingham Palace No One Talks About
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Buckingham Palace was built in 1703.

It has 775 rooms, including 52 Royal and guest bedrooms, 188 staff bedrooms, and 78 bathrooms. The palace is officially run by the British Royal Household. In the summer, it is visited by about 50,000 guests who attend receptions in the royal garden, which has a lake and waterfalls.

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Since 1837, Buckingham Palace has been the official residence of the British monarchs. We have seen many of the palace's rooms and lush gardens, but there are also places to which only a privileged few have access — even staff are not allowed into some of these rooms.

The Royal Cinema

That's right — the royal family, like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lawrence, has its own movie theater. But it's the palace staff who go to the movies more often than the Windsors.

The Royal Mail

There are about 800 staff at Buckingham Palace, and they can all use the Royal Mail's special post office (it's the Royal Mail, quite literally!). The staff members can conveniently send and receive mail without leaving the palace.

The Royal Chapel

Built in 1844, the chapel was formerly a conservatory. It was completely destroyed by German bombers during World War II and had to be moved to the south-east part of the palace.

The Royal Physician's Office

Timothy Evans, a general practitioner, works at Buckingham Palace. However, his services are provided to royal servants, while the Royal Family prefers to be treated privately.

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The Secret Entrance to the State Rooms

During the summer, the front rooms are usually open to the public. We've all seen the White Drawing Room, but only a few know that it contains a secret door leading to the private royal apartments. The entrance is disguised as a mirror and cabinet — so it is hidden from prying eyes.

The Royal Pool

Inside the palace, there is also a huge pool that's open to all members of the royal household, besides the Windsors themselves. Kate Middleton and Prince William are known to have taught Prince George to swim here, and it's likely that other young royals also enjoy a swim in the pool on hot summer days.

Royal ATM

Modern realities have crept into the 18th-century palace. In 2001, the former head of an English bank confirmed in an interview that there is indeed an ATM in the royal residence. It's located in the basement, and only the Windsors can use it.