6 Times Twilight Crossed the Line and Made Us Cringe

6 Times Twilight Crossed the Line and Made Us Cringe
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The Twilight Saga was as iconic for many reasons, but today, it's most well-known for being absolutely, undeniably cringe-worthy.

There were many, many moments to choose from, but these are the 6 that top them all:

1. Bella's 'stink'

One of the most iconic and unintentionally hilarious moments takes place when Edward first catches a whiff of Bella's scent. His eyes go wide and he covers his nose as if he has been hit by an unimaginable stench. He continues to glare at her as she sits next to him, which prompts her to smell her hair to awkwardly assess if she smells.

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2. The Cullen's hissing on the baseball field

The Cullen's confrontation with a rogue vampire coven is simply bizarre to watch. Watching a bunch of people bob up and down and hiss and growl at each other is cringe enough as it is, and then fans remember that the actors actually had to do this and keep a straight face.

3. Edward's obsession

Redditor Leftclicksq2 cringed the most when 'Edward tells Bella that she is his 'own personal brand of heroin,'

For babykoalalalala it was lines like 'I don't have the strength to stay away from you.' 'AS IF YOU COULD OUTRUN ME!' - And let's not forget how much he liked to watch her sleep.

Edward's intense lines and possessive nature point to how unnaturally obsessed he was with Bella, and today it makes fans really uneasy.

4. Edward is more than 6 times older than Bella

The age gap between Edward and Bella was never talked about enough. He may appear the same age, which made it easy to forget that he was 104 years old, falling in love with a 17-year-old high schooler. Not only does it not make sense, but it also makes fans cringe, which is probably why it's easier not to think about it.

5. Jacob's forced kiss

It came as no surprise when Jacob professed his love for Bella.

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He pleads with her to choose him over Edward, pushes himself on her, and forces a kiss.

The moment is even more uncomfortable to watch today through a modern lens. It's a clear breach of consent and when Bella defends herself and punches him, she breaks her hand hitting his face.

6. Jacob imprinting on his lost love's child

Jacob imprinting on baby Renesmee could easily top the list of weird and uncomfortable Twilight moments. For one, she was an infant, and she also, 'happens to be the daughter of the woman he's been hard crushing on,' as pointed out by Goopygok.

Redditor babykoalalalala says it best: 'Someone once said Twilight is like junk food. It's bad for you, but you still love/hate it.'

If Twilight is like junk food, it seems that fans are more than happy to cringe and indulge in this guilty pleasure, despite the many line crosses.