6 Celebrities Who Become Even More Attractive as the Years Go By

Image credit: Legion-Media

Like good wine, these celebrities only get better with age.

Gwen Stefani

Early on in her career, Gwen was quite extravagant, always going for lots of makeup and crazy hairdos. These days, she opts for a more traditional feminine look with dialled-down make-up and beautiful hair. She is still a big fan of bright red lipstick, though.

Gwen says she’s worn the same makeup since ninth grade: she always uses eyeliner, draws on her eyebrows with a long-lasting pencil, and then adds some eye shadow and puts on red lipstick.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has always enjoyed stirring a bit of controversy. And while she may have been wearing more mainstream outfits in recent years, she still expresses herself through her makeup. At one time, Lady Gaga was known as the Queen of Monsters on account of her long blonde hair, false eyelashes, crazy accessories and exotic outfits.

However, if we take a closer look at the star’s life story, it becomes apparent that her outrageous stage persona was to a large extent informed by her issues and childhood traumas. As it turns out, Lady Gaga had huge difficulty interacting with peers in high school and in college all her classmates kept telling her she would never become famous.

Lady Gaga later said she was really triggered by the expectation that she should be normal rather than the way she was born and that was the reason why she derived immense pleasure from being different. She never tried to look perfect, she just wanted to be herself and it was through her efforts to just be herself that her stage persona came about.

Lady Gaga has often said she never liked her body and looks in general but over time she has learned to love herself the way she is.

Kate Winslet

Kate is hardly an ugly duckling and yet that’s what she was called in school. Kate says she’s never been pretty or slender so her classmates were constantly taunting her. She weighed 80 kg at 15, but even as her peers kept ridiculing her she believed she would one day become a famous actress.

Her dream did come true in the end, but early on in her acting career she experimented with her appearance, going for different styles and desperately trying to shed pounds. As time went by, the Titanic star learned to love and accept herself and as she did so she lost extra weight naturally and discovered her new image. Today, she is elegant and good looking, creative, kind and good-mannered.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is a style icon and a role model for many but that hasn’t always been the case. In the dim and distant 1990s, she was the posh spice in Spice Girls. The reason for the nickname was that back then Victoria had a preference for short dresses and skirts, high-heeled shoes, hair extensions and lots of makeup.

Victoria experimented with her appearance for many years until she found that ideal image. Today, she goes for elegant outfits, some eyeliner and natural long hair.

She says she is proud of what she’s got; the natural hair colour and casual clothes are part of who she is now. She’s happy and contented both professionally and about her looks. She says she’s not afraid of getting old, seeing how she’s growing old next to the best man she could ever have dreamed of, referring to her husband David Beckham.

Jennifer Lopez

J. Lo has always been pretty and it’s not just a result of diet and exercise but also some plastic surgery. It seems as if she is looking better and better with every passing year, but she has to work hard to look 30 when she’s actually in her fifties.

J. Lo has quit smoking and drinking as she believes these habits make people age faster. In addition, she works out, dances and eats healthy foods.

She says she’s always followed Coco Chanel’s precepts who said that at 20 you get the face nature gave you and at 50 you get the face you deserve. J. Lo knows she’s got good genes as both her mom and grandmother always had naturally good skin but she understands that good genes alone are not enough if you want to look good.

Demi Moore

As a kid Demi Moore had it tough: at home her parents were constantly fighting and in school her classmates taunted her because of her looks. She was a plump little girl, she wore glasses with super thick lenses because she was cross-eyed.

Despite all these issues, at 16 Demi managed to get a job at a modelling agency (she had slimmed down by then), spending the money she was making to improve her looks. In total, Demi has spent some 250 thousand dollars on plastic surgery, but the result was worth it: she became a real Hollywood beauty.