5 Twilight Universe Characters TV Reboot Could Be About (Sorry, Bella, It's Not Always About You)

5 Twilight Universe Characters TV Reboot Could Be About (Sorry, Bella, It's Not Always About You)
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What's that you say? Nothing could ever top that creepy CGI baby that brought the Twilight movies home? Well challenge accepted, 'cause a Twilight reboot is on the way!

Lionsgate has confirmed that they are developing a new Twilight television series, but we currently don't know much beyond that. It's possible this will be a straight-up reboot of the franchise – but there are a lot more interesting routes they could go with.

Here are five other characters that a tv show could focus on, rather than just revisiting Edward and Bella's story.

1. Carlisle Cullen. Carlisle was born in London, England in 1640. Imagine a series that follows his 400+ years of history as he lives through the French Revolution, Victorian England, two world wars, meeting the Volturi, going vegetarian, meeting Esme… the possibilities are endless. Perhaps one season could take place during every century?

This would be an amazing opportunity to explore one of Twilight's most intriguing characters while at the same time moving through huge swaths of history.

2. The Volturi. Speaking of history, the rise and dominion of the Volturi would also make an amazing tv show. Think 'The Borgias' meets 'The Vampire Diaries'. Think 'Machiavelli' meets 'Romeo & Juliet' meets The CW. I'd watch it… wouldn't you?

3. Bree Tanner. Everyone's heard of the main Twilight stories, but only true fans have read The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. This spin-off novella is based on a background character in the Twilight saga's third novel, Eclipse.

Bree came from a broken, abusive home before running away shortly before her sixteenth birthday. She is turned into a newborn by Victoria, but resists indoctrination and finds true love before being killed by the Volturi.

Bree's life is short and tragic, but there's a lot of drama and an interesting story to spin out here. And who knows? Maybe things could turn out differently in a new adaptation.

4. Beau Swan and Edythe Cullen. In 2015, Stephanie Meyer released Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined. This novel was essentially the story of the first Twilight book, but gender-swapped: a young man moves to Forks, and falls in love with a female vampire.

The story is almost beat-for-beat the same as Twilight, with a few twists. This might be the perfect option for a reboot, as it will give fans all the nostalgia of the original plot but with some fresh angles.

5. Renesmee. The daughter of Bella and Edward might be the perfect focus for a tv show. Fans already love her, but her story is a blank slate. What happened after the events of Breaking Dawn? How exactly does being a fast-growing human-vampire hybrid WORK, anyway? And is there any resistance to having a life partner essentially chosen for you at birth? Even if Jacob's perfect, that's gotta cause some teen angst.