5 TV Shows to Watch After The Winchesters If You Already Miss Supernatural

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TV shows about evil and the fight against it.


If you think the show's characters lack common sense

Dr Kristen Bouchard, a forensic psychologist, is fired after she attempts to evaluate the sanity of a defendant who claims to be possessed by demons. After the incident, she is approached by David Acosta, a former journalist who is now preparing to become a priest. Dr Bouchard is a skeptic by nature, but Acosta believes that angels and demons exist not only in religious texts — but also in real life. Kristen and David team up to investigate extraordinary occurrences and find out whether humans can really become vessels of supernatural beings.


If you miss Mark Pellegrino's eccentric and charismatic Satan

Kicked out of Heaven, Lucifer grows weary of being a servant in Hell and decides to clip his wings and spend some time on Earth. He adopts the last name Morningstar and gets himself a luxury nightclub in Los Angeles — the City of Angels. Lucifer's earthly life is turned upside down when he meets Detective Chloe Decker, who investigates a shootout at his nightclub. Now, he uses his diabolical powers to help the investigation and soon becomes a consultant to the LA Police Department. Meanwhile, God tries to bring his rebellious son back to his workplace in Hell.


If you're looking for another great trio to replace Sam, Dean, and Castiel

Before Jesse Custer turned to God and became a priest, he was a bad guy. Today, he's in a crisis of faith, drinking and thinking of leaving his flock. Jesse is possessed by an entity called Genesis, the embodiment of a perfect balance of good and evil. The supernatural being, who has the potential to overthrow God Almighty himself, endows Custer with incredible power — but also makes him a target for everyone from angels and religious fanatics. Joined by his ex-girlfriend Tulip and the Irish vampire Proinsias, the preacher must find God, fight vampires, and prevent the apocalypse.


If you want more of that Supernatural humor

Once upon a time, Linda and John Oliver made a deal with the devil for the soul of their unborn child. Upon his 21st birthday, Sam learns the truth and starts to work for the devil. His job is to return runaway souls to hell using the strangest objects given to him by his master — a lighter, boxing gloves, or soap bubbles. Juggling his role as a reaper and hardware store employee, Sam tries to find ways to break his contract, hoping that one day he can set himself free from the diabolical burden.

The Dresden Files

If you miss the early seasons' atmosphere

Harry Dresden is a son of a powerful witch and a stage magician. When he was 11, the boy felt his magical powers awakening — and, years later, he decided to advertise his abilities in yellow pages. As an adult, Harry uses magic to help the Chicago Police Department solve mysterious crimes. His work partner is Lieutenant Connie Murphy, a workaholic skeptic, who doesn't believe in magic. However, when working on another bizarre case, she embarks on a seemingly absurd search for a wizard — and opens up yellow pages.