5 Reasons Why Steroline Became the Most Hated Vampire Diaries' Ship

Image credit: Legion-Media

It seems that fans are still upset about one particular couple in the supernatural romance show.

The CW's series about young vampires dealing with their romantic problems while trying to save the world has been a major hit for eight seasons, keeping millions of fans eagerly following their favorite antiheroes' every move. But not every romance storyline in The Vampire Diaries has been a success, and Stefan and Caroline's relationship has become one of the most hated in the show's history, despite both characters being beloved in their own right.

Here are five reasons why Steroline simply didn't work.

Caroline carried the whole relationship

Fans didn't like this love story because Caroline seemed to be the only one interested in it. Stefan was always so aloof from her at the beginning, people couldn't help but sympathize with Caroline.

And later, he never really showed much enthusiasm about their relationship, pulling away from Caroline even at their wedding!

Caroline was too desperate for Stefan

While everyone around Caroline knew she was very much in love with Stefan, Stephan himself was completely unaware of it, which made the whole situation feel like a sort of tragicomedy. Besides, the heroine had already tried to be with Stefan in season one, and he brushed her off — so why the writers decided to make that ship a reality later is beyond comprehension.

They had no chemistry

People also claim that Steroline is a disaster because the two characters obviously lack romantic energy, and that's why many fans refer to them as brother and sister rather than lovers. They feel comfortable around each other but never show real passion, and fans think this ruins their romantic relationship completely.

They were better as friends

Caroline and Stefan have been through a lot together, and most viewers agree they were just the perfect best buddies.

People have always pointed out that The Vampire Diaries is bad at establishing and nurturing friendships, turning them into romance for no apparent reason — so if Caroline and Stefan had just stayed friends, there's a good chance it would be a much better show altogether.

Caroline regressed in their relationship

Another thing that has enraged fans is that Stefan has destroyed Caroline's self-esteem by turning her into the whiny girl desperate for attention that she was in season one. Caroline was able to work her way through it, and since she has returned to that mindset, fans just can't get over the writers' decision to make her and Stefan lovers instead of friends.