5 Reasons Why Fixing 'Creepy' Edward Will Be Twilight TV Reboot's Biggest Fail

5 Reasons Why Fixing 'Creepy' Edward Will Be Twilight TV Reboot's Biggest Fail
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Everyone's talking about the new Twilight reboot, and fans are worried that the project will tone down some of Edward's more problematic qualities.

It was recently reported that Lionsgate Television began work on a new Twilight series, and although not much is known about it yet, fans are already concerned that some modern trends could ruin it. They are especially apprehensive about the portrayal of the protagonist, Edward Cullen, who was a rather problematic, odd and obsessive character in the original franchise.

While it may seem like a natural move for the show's creators to make Edward a more sanitised, likeable, level-headed guy who respects everyone's boundaries and just happens to be a vampire, fans feel that would be a huge mistake. Here's why.

Different Relationship

The Twilight franchise revolves around the relationship between Bella and Edward. This relationship may seem toxic to modern viewers, with many red flags. Edward tends to be stalky and possessive, which is not the best example for young audiences.

However, many fans feel Twilight wouldn't be Twilight without the obsessive Edward and the unhealthy relationship. That is the cornerstone of the story.

Assertive Bella Swan

A changed Edward would most likely mean a changed Bella. Modern trends dictate that she should become strong and assertive.

But fans are not on board with such a change because Bella's character growth is important to the story, and in the first movie, she is just a teenager who needs to be somewhat weak to feel realistic.

Lighter Tone

A healthier Edward/Bella relationship would inevitably lead to a lighter tone in the story. But is that really what the project needs? Many fans wished the original franchise was a bit grittier, with more emphasis on the monstrous nature of vampires and more action scenes. So instead of toning down Edward, the new series should delve into something like that.

People Love Obsessions

The popularity of Netflix's YOU proves viewers are tired of good-natured, likeable characters. Joe Goldberg is much worse than Edward in terms of obsessing over people and stalking them, but he still charms audiences. So the new Edward could definitely stay problematic and attract a lot of fans.

Pattinson's Interpretation

It is important to remember that it was Robert Pattinson's interpretation of his vampire character that made the saga a pop culture phenomenon.

As the actor has said in many interviews, he played Edward as a 'manic-depressive 107-year-old virgin' with murderous tendencies. And fans feel that any other interpretation would be an epic fail.