5 Reasons Kim Kardashian Won Over Paris Hilton in the Fame Game

5 Reasons Kim Kardashian Won Over Paris Hilton in the Fame Game
Image credit: Legion-Media

Why has Kim been able to stay famous for all these years, while Paris has fallen out of the spotlight?

Paris Hilton was the It Girl of her time. Born into Hilton Hotel wealth, she was a moderately successful singer, actress and model, but above all she was a natural socialite. She was the 'famous for being famous' innovator of the 21st century.

Today, she's fallen out of the public consciousness. Sure, we see the occasional headline, she has a cooking show, and she's still massively wealthy, but for the most part she's fallen out of pop culture.

Why has Kate failed to stay mega-famous while Kim Kardashian, who comes from essentially the same background, has succeeded?

Death of the tabloids

Paris thrived in the early, early days of social media. For pop culture news, fans relied on the tabloids. Paris learned how to control this facet of the media, using old-school techniques (which her family had likely mastered) of keeping negative buzz at bay and presenting flattering news.

Kim Kardarshian, though the same age as Paris, has managed to learn the art of social media. With tabloids all but gone, social media is king in celebrity culture. It's impossible to keep out all the negative press in a world of endless stories, but Kim has managed to master self-promotion on her social media channels.

Constant promotion

While Paris has certainly appeared in her fair share of ads, the Kardashian family has shamelessly promoted itself on seemingly everything. There have been Sears collaborations, diet and weight loss promotions, and even a Walmart credit card that infamously targeted children. Kim Kim has a line of signature beauty products that everyone feels the need to buy.

With social media, that's turned into relentless influencer promotion. It's impossible to fall out of social consciousness when your fans are constantly seeing your ads.

The Family

The Hilton family is by no means under the radar, but it can't possibly compare to the Kardashians. They had one of the most famous reality shows in history, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, everyone's guilty pleasure.

While Kim is by far the most famous of her family members, the mere fact that Kris, Kourtney, and Kylie are also megastars makes Kim inherently famous, almost regardless of what she does.

Master Marketers

While the term 'famous for being famous' moniker certainly applies, let's not pretend the Kardashians aren't good at what they do. Matriarch Kris Jenner keeps a close eye on how each of her daughters is perceived.

From promotions, advertisements, businesses, and even physical appearance, Kris has made sure to instill a mindset of constant marketing in her family. Even if they weren't famous, the family would be filled with masters of marketing.

Paris Just Doesn't Care Anymore

But the truest answer may be the simplest: Paris just doesn't care about fame anymore. Coming from old money, she doesn't have to grind or hustle to maintain her lifestyle, while the Kardashians, in a way, do.

Paris has had her time in the spotlight, and she's perfectly content to live life with her husband, Carter Reum, and their new son.