5 Reasons Ghosted is Already Called One of the Worst Rom-Coms in Recent Memory

5 Reasons Ghosted is Already Called One of the Worst Rom-Coms in Recent Memory
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The plot of this movie is pretty good and should have worked as a modern-day rom-com.

So, why is Ghosted being so widely panned and labelled one of the worst of its kind just days after it first aired?

Here are 5 major reasons why it's a movie destined for the bargain bin in supermarkets everywhere:

The complete lack of chemistry between the lead characters

Both Chris Evans and Ana de Armas look the part for their roles. But despite the pair being multi-award-winning artists in their own right, there's just no connection between them in this movie.

Poor acting

If it's action you're looking for – there's plenty of it in Ghosted. The whole premise of the film is that the couple get dragged into a situation they hadn't expected to be part of. And from that point of view, the way the story unfolds makes sense. But to be fair, the action isn't very well played out.

And combined with the fact the lead actor pairing doesn't work, it's hard to get into the action taking place and really care about the outcome.

The script

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To say it's badly written is an understatement. The dialogue is clunky and deliberate. The banter is too forced. And, for a rom-com, it's lacking when it comes to both romance and comedy. The former is not helped by the aforementioned lack of chemistry and poor acting. The latter is…well…just not really there.

It's too generic

While the idea for the movie is a good one, its execution is dreadful. It's like someone bought the 'Idiot's Guide to Making a Rom-Com Movie' and just followed it to the letter.

Everything has been seen and done before – and nothing makes this movie stand out in what is an incredibly crowded genre.

It's an insult to viewers

While that might sound harsh, all of the above suggests it's true. Dexter Fletcher is a successful director. The two lead actors have proven ability. There are cameos which are generally popular and a fair smattering of stunts. But nothing gels it all together, and Apple Studios appear to have been more intent on just putting together disparate elements of popular movies than producing a good quality film.

It's as if the network is satisfied that people will watch any sh*t they produce. Let's hope the negative reviews that have come pouring in will be a lesson to those in charge at Apple Studios.