5 Horrendous Things Damon Did in TVD (Only for Elena to Fall for Him Anyway)

5 Horrendous Things Damon Did in TVD (Only for Elena to Fall for Him Anyway)
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Love can get complicated, especially in the supernatural world of The Vampire Diaries.

While the show saw many tricky relationships throughout its run, few were as controversial as the one between Damon Salvatore and Elena Gilbert. From the very first season, Damon did some terrible things, yet despite his (pretty huge) flaws, Elena still fell for him.

Here are five examples of Damon's most horrendous actions that would've made any sane person run away from him.

5. He Killed Aaron Whitmore

Whenever Damon experiences problems with Elena, he abandons all regard for others. Now, it's not surprising that Damon wanted to kill Aaron, considering his personal history with the Whitmore family. But despite Aaron's connection to the lineage, he was not involved in any of the wrongdoings from the past. And as if that wasn't enough, he used Elena's rejection as an excuse to behave like a monster, knowing full well that Elena cared about Aaron.

4. He Doesn't Respect Elena's Wishes

Damon and Elena share an intense love, no doubt. However, it's clear that he struggles to control his emotions and make rational and considerate decisions when it comes to her. One such instance is when Damon forcefully feeds Elena his blood without taking into account whether she wants to become a vampire.

While it's natural for him to be protective and to want what he believes is best for Elena, it's not acceptable for him to take that choice away from her.

3. He Killed Lexi

After Stefan was turned into a vampire, he crossed paths with Lexi, who was able to stop him from feeding on humans. She helped Stefan gain control over his impulses and remained by his side in the most trying times, especially when Damon deserted him. Damon, however, killed Lexi. Although partially, he did it to prevent the Founder's Council from discovering that he and Stefan were vampires, it was an unforgivable act.

2. He Assaulted Caroline Forbes

Damon fully deserved Caroline's animosity towards him as he treated her like an object when they first met. Not only did he use her as a source of blood, but he also engaged in a sexual relationship with her that was evidently non-consensual. To make matters even worse, when Caroline wanted to distance herself from him, he compelled her.

Therefore, her ability to consent to whatever happened after that was also revoked.

1. He Killed Elena's Brother

Perhaps one of the most unforgivable things that Damon did was kill Jeremy Gilbert, Elena's brother. Damon snapped his neck for no good reason - only because Elena rejected him. Luckily, Jeremy wore his Gilbert ring (which, by the way, Damon wasn't aware of). If he had not been wearing it, Damon may not have ended up with Elena, so he should consider himself fortunate for it.