5 Dumbest Scenes in The Flash That Have DCU Fans Reeling

5 Dumbest Scenes in The Flash That Have DCU Fans Reeling
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Whether you liked the movie or not, it’s got some scenes and plotlines that are downright ridiculous.

This article contains heavy spoilers!!!

The Flash opened nationwide on 16 June. Although not everyone has had a chance to see the movie, so far, it's been getting rave reviews from audiences and critics alike.

Despite an emotionally engaging story, many people have noted that the film about the DCU speedster has a fair share of flaws, ranging from controversial and poorly executed visuals to bizarre script choices and some rather ridiculous scenes. Redditors have started sharing what they thought were the dumbest scenes and story arcs in the whole movie.

5. The hospital scene

Flash is rescuing babies falling from a collapsing hospital building. At one point, to prevent an infant from dying while being carried at breakneck speed, Flash puts it into a microwave oven.

'I honestly thought the hospital scene was going to turn out to be a dream because of how absurdly stupid it was,' a fan said.

4. Saving the parents storyline

Flash's motivation for going back in time was to save his mother and prevent his father from being found guilty of her murder. The whole story ends up being rather confusing as we're never told who killed Flash's mom. Many people who've seen the TV series expected it to be Reverse Flash, but the identity of Flash's mother's killer is completely left out of the movie.

3. CGI cameos

One of the biggest complaints about the movie has been the uncanny valley CGI cameos in which the faces of both living and dead actors were recreated using CGI instead of archival footage as originally advertised. The effect is anything but natural.

2. All the food scenes

From the peanut butter, cheese, banana, and honey sandwiches to the spaghetti as a metaphor for the cartoon universe, it all felt like a strange teen comedy written by fans of the Mukbang genre. And that's not even considering the very graphic vomit scene.

1. The ending

Comparing two multiverse movies, The Flash and Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, a fan best summed up the issue as follows:

'The ending of the Flash is like if Miles just said f--k it and went home and did nothing after Miguel told him his dad is gonna die.'

Barry simply came to terms with what had happened after disrupting the flow of time. Of course, this sets up a sequel, but fans never got closure from this ending.

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