5 Celebrity Feuds That Made Headlines

Image credit: Legion-Media

These actors couldn’t stand each other.

Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson, Furious 7

The feud between the two manliest actors of our time is relatively recent — but has already become one of the most discussed in Hollywood. During the filming of Furious 7, when the atmosphere on set was somber due to the recent death of Paul Walker, Vin Diesel took a grudge against Dwayne Johnson, claiming that The Rock was forcing him out of the franchise. Diesel even tried to persuade the directors to review the script and cut out their scenes together to avoid further scandal. A cold war is often followed by a warm friendship, but this isn't the case with Vin and Dwayne.

Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano, The Charmed

True fans of the Charmed series know that the show was originally about three sisters. But then, Shannen Doherty's character was removed from the story — and there was a real-life reason behind it. According to the actress, she was dismissed from the show due to a conflict with Alyssa Milano, which arose out of Milano's animosity and jealousy over her colleague's fame. Both actresses didn't hold back in their attacks on each other. As a result, the Charmed sisters even stopped talking to each other in real life and tried not to meet outside of work.

Bruсe Willis and Sylvester Stallone, The Expendables 4

Here, jealousy and bad temper were not the reason for the stars' conflict. Willis once threw Stallone off balance when he demanded a very high fee for his scenes in The Expendables: a million dollars for each shooting day. In a tweet, Sylvester called Bruсe "greedy and lazy" and said his career was a "failure" (all in shouty caps, by the way). Formerly, the actors used to be friends and even opened the Planet Hollywood restaurant chain together, but now these happy days are over.

Robert Downey Jr. and Terrence Howard, Iron Man

This conflict goes back to 2008 when Robert and Terrence worked together on the set of the first Iron Man. Howard played the main character's friend, but in real life, the actors didn't get along. In the second part of the franchise, Terrence was suddenly replaced, and as it turned out, Downey Jr. personally insisted on his dismissal. It's been said that Iron Man even asked the producers to lower Howard's filming fees, which ruined the actors' relationship forever.

Emma Watson and Channing Tatum, This Is the End

Many actors who achieve fame as children then attempt to try out new roles and change the public's perception of them. Emma Watson is no exception, and that's why she initially agreed to star in Seth Rogen's This Is the End. But in one of the scenes, Channing Tatum went a bit over the top with his performance and put on a thong to liven things up. Emma didn't say anything and just left the set. Later, she confessed that some of the scenes in the movie were too explicit for her (she was referring to a scene featuring cannibalism) and that Tatum was rude and acted like an animal.