5 Biggest Takeaways From Virgin River Christmas Specials

5 Biggest Takeaways From Virgin River Christmas Specials
Image credit: Netflix

The festive episodes are as eventful and merry as we hoped they would be.

Season 5 Part 2 of Virgin River premiered just yesterday. Naturally, there's a lot of buzz around it all over the Internet, which is why it's so hard to discern what actually happened in the two Christmas episodes.

Here are the five biggest takeaways from the specials, in case you need a gist.

Cameron and Muriel Are Done

These two… They have been the most fan-hated couple of Virgin River's fifth season. While there's practically nothing wrong with their age difference, Cameron and Muriel seem to have nothing in common. For this reason, the audience wanted them to call it quits. Fortunately, the two characters decided to give each other some space in the Christmas episodes, meaning it's unlikely they'll be together in Season 6.

Preacher and Kaia Are Here to Stay

And these two... Virgin River seems to be full of unappealing romances. First and foremost, John is hated for his tendency to jump into relationships, which is why his instant, albeit passionate, love arc with the Season 5 newcomer isn't popular with fans. However, Preacher and Kaia have grown closer in the specials, so we expect their romance to be further explored in the sixth installment.

Hope Will Have a Family

Christmas has proven to be a magical time for Hope. Her most cherished wish – to have a family – seems to have been granted, albeit in a strange way. Since Virgin River has gone down the route of Lizzie's pregnancy with Denny's child, the two plan to start a family together. As Denny's step-grandma, Hope will also have her fair share of childcare and family hustle.

Mel's Newly Found Father

This point is a minefield of spoilers that we intend to avoid. As promised, Melinda found her biological father in the Christmas specials. And that bittersweet moment is the ultimate highlight of the episodes. Long conversations, the feeling of being related to someone, and ultimate satisfaction – these are the best gifts Part 2 of Virgin River's fifth season could have given us.

Mel and Jack's Family Plans

While it may seem that the revelation of Mel's father's identity is the epitome of the Christmas episodes, there is another moment worthy of your attention. In her conversation with her newfound father, Mel reveals that she wants her and Jack's children to know who their biological parents are. This can only mean one thing – the show's central duo is considering adoption.