4 Wild Theories Will Make You See Harry Potter in a Whole New Way

4 Wild Theories Will Make You See Harry Potter in a Whole New Way
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These theories will have you thinking twice about your understanding of the wizarding world.

It's been more than two decades since the first Harry Potter movie came out, and even longer since the first book. Fans continue to revisit the world of witches and wizards, discovering hidden details, overlooked clues and exciting new theories.

Here are 4 that may change the way you look at the Harry Potter franchise forever.

The Dementors saw Harry differently

Fans have always questioned why the Dementors were so intensely drawn to Harry, and now we may have an answer; the Horcrux. Harry himself was a Horcrux, unknowingly hiding a fragment of Voldemort's evil soul, meaning his human body had more than just one single soul.

Like moths to a flame, the soul-sucking Dementors would have seen Harry as a far more appetizing victim than everyone else.

The Dursleys couldn't help the way they treated Harry

Besides drawing evil towards him, Harry being a Horcrux may have also pushed people away from him.

Harry's aunt, uncle, and cousin, the family who raised him, treated him like a burden and cast him out, but this may not have been intentional.

Many believe that the Horcrux had a strong influence on Harry's pervasive home environment. We saw how Slytherin's locket tore Harry, Ron, and Hermione apart, so it is plausible that Harry being a Horcrux unknowingly turned his family against him.

Three very significant characters are connected in a way we didn't expect

We're not talking about Ron, Harry and Hermione. This theory is dark and deep and suggests that Harry Potter, Severus Snape, and Lord Voldemort are linked to the Peverell brothers, with each linked to one brother.

The Tales of Beedle the Bard tells the story of The Three Peverell brothers; Antioch, the oldest, dreamt of becoming the most powerful wizard to exist. Cadmus, the middle, shared his older brother's aspirations but also dwelled over a lost loved one. Ignotus, the youngest, wanted only a happy life and managed to evade death whilst his older brothers perished.

It's almost impossible to deny that these brothers relate respectively to the evil and power-hungry Voldemort, Snape and his broken heart over Harry's mother, and Harry himself.

Each of the 4 house founders represents a country in the United Kingdom

Four of the most powerful witches and wizards came together to found Hogwarts.

Fans have almost unanimously decided that this theory is plausible and that each of the founding members and their respective houses represent a part of the United Kingdom. This theory originates from the words of the Sorting Hat:

'Bold Gryffindor, from Wild Moor, Fair Ravenclaw, from Glen, Sweet Hufflepuff, from Valley Broad, Shrewd Slytherin, from Fen.'

This suggests that Godric Gryffindor was from England, Rowena Ravenclaw from Scotland, Helga Hufflepuff from Wales, and Salazar Slytherin from Ireland. Slytherin's green colors directly link it to Ireland, although many have pointed out that Gryffindor's flag closely resembles the Scottish flag, but the books strongly suggest that Godric was from a country village in England.