3 MCU Cameos in Ghosted Happened Because of Chris Evans

3 MCU Cameos in Ghosted Happened Because of Chris Evans
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Whether they should thank him for getting into that film is another matter.

Ghosted, the latest offering from Apple TV+, is a blend of romantic comedy and action-adventure featuring a star-studded cast, reminiscent of films like True Lies (1994) or Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005). It aims to demonstrate that 'direct-to-streaming' doesn't equate to 'low-budget' or 'low-effort'.

Chris Evans and Ana de Armas star as the main duo, but you'll be surprised by how many other notable actors put in an appearance, even if just for brief cameos.

Much of the credit for these cameos goes to Chris Evans. Leveraging his connections from the MCU and his own star status, he managed to secure not just one but three major cameos—or minor roles, if you will—from his old MCU buddies. So who did these cameos?

Anthony Mackie (Sam Wilson/Falcon in the MCU) and Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier) portray two of the three assassins sent to eliminate Chris Evans' character, who inadvertently becomes entangled in a world of spies and terrorists. Unfortunately for them, the movie is a comedy, so all three end up accidentally killing each other.

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Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds (Wade Wilson/Deadpool) plays Ana's character's ex-boyfriend, who briefly and unsuccessfully tries to win her back during the final battle, describing how various injuries sustained during their romance transformed him into a better man.

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Regrettably, despite the best efforts of the main cast and his MCU buddies who put in all those cameo appearances, Ghosted is a huge disappointment.

While it's difficult to immediately gauge its performance through box office numbers, critics have panned the film, and audiences have had a lukewarm response: on Rotten Tomatoes, the film has a 30% score with critics and a rather modest 61% with audiences.

It looks like something was missing from the formula, and the movie failed to seamlessly blend comedy, action, and romance. Clearly, simply throwing money at a project isn't the way to bolster the reputation of a streaming service or streaming in general.

So Anthony, Sebastian and Ryan probably won’t be bragging about their cameos in this particular movie.

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