3 Grey's Anatomy Characters Who Are Hated for Seemingly No Reason at All

Image credit: ABC

There are many unpleasant characters in the hit medical drama, but some of them just don't deserve the hate they get.

ABC's high-rated drama series, balancing the professional and personal lives of hospital staff, has always drawn its strength from the realistic portrayal oа doctors' work, while trying to develop their private lives as well. Every Grey's Anatomy character looks and acts like a real person, making mistakes and hurting others at some point.

Despite the fact that the show has often featured characters that are outright disgusting, fans claim that some of the universally hated characters are actually not that bad.

Here are three striking examples of this:

Andrew DeLuca

This handsome doctor has always been the object of fans' hatred for some inexplicable reason, and people still can't understand why. The only reason to hate DeLuca is his relationship with Meredith, but other than that this talented surgeon did nothing wrong and was always kind and caring to others.

After his death many people changed their attitude towards him, remembering his good qualities and finally giving up their hatred.

Maggie Pierce

Another universally hated character never really did anything wrong, but that didn't stop many people from strongly disliking her.

One of Maggie's main mistakes is her attitude towards her husband Winston, whom she only sees as a talented surgeon without caring about him as a person. But on the other hand, Maggie is the acting head of the cardiothoracic surgery department, so she should treat her doctors as professionals, not family members.

Owen Hunt

Owen is a bit more problematic as a person than Maggie or Andrew, given his anger management issues. Many people don't like him for it, even if the cause of his outbursts is post-traumatic stress disorder. Owen is definitely trying his best, but many fans still ruthlessly hate him for something over which he has little control.

And yes, Owen's personal life is much to be desired, since most of his relationships have been questionable to say the least.