3 Biggest Issues Ted Lasso Fans Have With Tedbecca Endgame

3 Biggest Issues Ted Lasso Fans Have With Tedbecca Endgame
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Right now, it would be a twist for the sake of a twist and a tired trope at the same time.

Ted and Rebecca Welton, or 'Tedbecca' for short, is a pretty popular pairing on Ted Lasso because they are more or less the main characters… But is there actually any other reason to pair the two?

Many Ted Lasso fans seem to have some issues with the two being together as the show's romantic endgame. Here are fans' three biggest concerns for Tedbecca.

There was just no signs of romantic interest between them so far

Unless you count any friendly or emotional interaction whatsoever as a sign of romantic interest. A good pairing takes more than just characters being prominent in the story and being friends with one another. In the case of Tedbecca, there is no 'more' — you know this is the case when 'subtle hints' are brought up to justify the pairing. There are no signs of longing or yearning, no moments of jealousy, or anything of the sort.

It's too obvious

Pairing up the main characters is the most obvious and tiresome plot twist one may think up for a series' finale — and that would be a complete 180 for a show that has largely tried to avoid obvious tropes so far. Or does making a romance come completely out of left field (see the above point) become a subversion of tropes, therefore counting as fresh and original? Most would disagree.

Ted's love is for someone else

Ted seems to have a much more compelling romantic interest right now, and that interest is none other than Rebecca's best and oldest friend — Sassy. Denying this requires the creators to jump through the ridiculous 'just because they had sex doesn't mean they are interested in each other' hoops. Doubly ridiculous if denial is employed for the sake of a pairing where people involved hardly ever held hands!

Sure, Ted Lasso is a fictional story, and a best friend gracefully stepping aside for the sake of a best friend is something that might conceivably happen. But the plot must build up such a development carefully over an extended period of time.

So far, however, it doesn't look like the pairing has any substantial grounding, and fans wouldn't appreciate Tedbecca as the show's endgame — that is, unless the writers can really outdo themselves, making the audience believe that a truly satisfying romantic ending can emerge out of nowhere.