15 Years Later, Here's Taylor Lautner's Unfiltered Thoughts on Twilight

15 Years Later, Here's Taylor Lautner's Unfiltered Thoughts on Twilight
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He doesn't see anything wrong with it!

Taylor Lautner's most famous role remains that of werewolf Jacob Black in the Twilight movies. The actor worked hard to get in perfect shape for the role, and his efforts paid off, making him an even bigger sex symbol than Robert Pattinson, who played the lead role - even though Lautner's character ended up on the losing end of the love triangle that defined most of Twilight's story.

Among other things, Twilight is infamous for having several relationship-related plot twists that would all get the franchise canceled if the movies were released today (that is, if the cancel crowd could outshout the teenage girl crowd).

Many of these dubious plot twists involve Taylor Lautner's character, but surprisingly, the actor apparently doesn't see anything wrong with the movie and would be willing to reprise his iconic role.

Speaking of problematic plot moments, one of them involved Jacob "imprinting" on Edward and Bella's daughter Renesmee, which is the supernatural equivalent of loving someone to the grave.

Even putting aside the age difference, Jacob was part of the above-mentioned love triangle that involved Renesmee's mother, which makes his bond with Renesmee weirdly incestuous, but what's worse is that this " imprinting" was formed literally within minutes of the baby's birth, at the very moment Jacob intended to kill her for apparently causing Bella's death in childbirth.

However, Taylor Lautner is undaunted by the fact that a lot about his character in Twilight and the ending he got might (rightfully) be seen as creepy and/or cringy. In an interview with E! News, he revealed that he wouldn't mind reprising the role of Jacob.

'He's a good character that is easy to love, so I would never say no to that,' the actor said. Taylor further explained that he sees Jacob as a 'pretty loyal dude' — which is technically undeniably true, if you count magically enforced loyalty.

As for his idea of what happened to Jacob after the end, Taylor Lautner answered that 'he's happy ever after with Renesmee because that’s where I left off.' To be fair, that was exactly what the ending of the fifth movie pretty much showed.

Yes, through Alice's power of subjective cognition that turned out to be nothing more than a predictive illusion showing what will happen if everyone continues with their current intentions (so that the movie could have its big final battle on screen without most of the cast actually dying). But there is no reason for anyone not to want what the movie presented as a perfectly happy ending.

Unless, of course, the studio wants to make a sequel.

And even though Taylor expressed his enthusiasm to reprise his role as Jacob, he questioned whether he was ready to commit to the demanding physical transformation his character requires.

"No, not that," he confessed. "I think that was great for the role but I would prefer just to be trim and healthy, you know? Definitely not a Jacob Black body."