15 TV Shows Are Airing Their Final Seasons In 2023: Here's the List

15 TV Shows Are Airing Their Final Seasons In 2023: Here's the List
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Nothing lasts forever and there's a strong argument for TV networks knowing when to call it a day.

There are few worse sights on TV than wounded shows desperately crawling towards an obvious and ignominious end.

With that in mind, let's take a look at the 15 shows that we'll see the back of – for better or for worse – in 2023:


Anything goes in the Roy family when it comes to battling for the right to succeed head of the family Logan Roy (played by Brian Cox). Already regarded as one of the best shows ever, a sequel or prequel looks likely – but this year is the end of the road for Succession.


This is a gripping thriller set in LA at the beginning of the crack epidemic. It hasn't really grabbed the attention in the way that it deserves. But, on the plus side, that means you can binge the first five seasons first without too much risk of spoilers.

The Goldbergs

Your typical family sitcom – just set in the 80s. The risk of spoilers is less of a concern with this type of show – and The Godbergs, which follows a Jewish family in Pennsylvania, is sure to be on repeat for years to come.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

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A real feel-good show from Amazon that follows Midge Maisel, a well-to-do Jewish wife and mother in 1950s New York who goes through a tough time but then discovers she has a talent for comedy. Twenty Emmys in four years tell you this is well worth a watch.

Star Trek: Picard

The third season of the show that saw Patrick Stewart return to his acting roots will be the last. Or so they say. There's already talk of a spin-off of this spin-off, so don't be surprised if it returns in one form or another.


The prequel to Inspector Morse that charts the young officer's early days in policing, Endeavor is a little more gritty and touches on modern issues through a historical lens. There are some great nods to the original show – and this one looks unlikely to spawn any kind of spin-off.

Doom Patrol

Not your average superhero series. Doom Patrol follows a group of off-the-wall heroes voiced by major names that include Timothy Dalton and Brendan Fraser. Maybe not the most famous of its kind, but certainly offers something different.

Ted Lasso

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Just brilliant! It seems a shame in a way that we won't see more of this comedy based on the UK Premier League but really about winning any little victory over an ex. Great characters, great casting, great performances. This is one that will have us all wanting more but knowing they made the right call.

Cobra Kai

If you thought this was a cynical attempt to make money off an 80s film franchise, think again. The same moral code sits at the heart of the show, with loyalty and friendship examined once more. A bigger budget, new techniques and more time to learn about the characters, make this arguably better than the 1984 movie The Karate Kid.

The Blacklist

A genius plot that sees a criminal mastermind negotiate a deal with the FBI that sees him hand over a 'blacklist' of his contemporaries in exchange for immunity and the chance to help track them down. This one's been going for ten years, and it's probably right that they've decided to call it a day.


Originally nothing more than just another teen drama, Riverdale morphed into a critically acclaimed gothic mystery that had audiences spellbound. It's brimming with teen angst, retro style and compelling storylines. But after six years, the showrunners have said enough is enough – for now.


Sometimes a tough watch, Barry tackles heavy issues such as mental illness and PTSD as it charts the life of its titular character - a marine-turned-hitman. Only just heading into its fourth and final season, the show has already amassed an impressive 9 Emmys.

The Flash

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A feature of the Arrowverse, there's no knowing what the end of The Flash means for the DC universe on screen. The series has already been part of multi-season crossovers, and this is certainly not the end of Barry Allen and The Flash, with the DC movie based on the character due out in June 2023.

Fear the Walking Dead

It might be that classic zombie shows like this have had their moment in the spotlight and are set to be replaced by newer twists on the genre such as The Last of Us. But The Walking Dead remains a popular show and it seems almost certain that more spin-offs will follow Fear the Walking Dead which ends this year after eight seasons.

NCIS: Los Angeles

Another franchise that is going nowhere, NCIS is sure to stick around for a while yet. But this particular off-shoot of it is turning in its badge after fourteen years of edge-of-the-seat drama.