15 Best Hallmark Movies With Cozy Autumn Vibes

15 Best Hallmark Movies With Cozy Autumn Vibes
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Nobody does it like Hallmark does.

1. Harvest Love

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Luna, a widowed surgeon, takes a break from her busy Seattle lifestyle, choosing to spend a few weeks at her family's pear farm with her son. Here, she encounters Will, the farm manager, and sparks fly – though not without a few bumps in the road. With Will's help, Luna begins to rediscover her roots and passion beyond the operating room. The orchards in full autumn bloom? It's all about fresh starts amidst golden leaves.

2. Autumn Dreams

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It's the classic tale of young love. Annie and Ben elope during their senior year of high school, but their parents make them annul the marriage. Fast forward 15 years, and fate brings them back together when they discover their annulment was never finalized. They've got other commitments and partners, but that old flame? It's not out. As they navigate their way through the legalities, they're forced to confront their past and question their current life choices.

3. October Kiss

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Poppy is your free-spirited gal, wary of commitments, but she somehow finds herself becoming a nanny to Ryan's two children. Ryan, a widowed workaholic, has a strict schedule for his kids. Enter Poppy with her spontaneous Halloween adventures! Corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and late-night storytelling sessions become the norm. The kids love her, but Ryan's not so sure... until he sees a side of his kids he'd missed all along. Who'd have thought autumn could bring about so much change?

4. Pumpkin Pie Wars

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Let's mix a bit of romance with... pumpkin pie? Casey and Sam's mothers have been longtime rivals in the pumpkin pie industry. Their feud reaches its peak during a pie-baking contest. As fate would have it, Casey and Sam, unaware of this history, become friends and partners for a local pie contest. But when they find out about their mothers' fierce rivalry, the pie really hits the fan. It's a delightful watch as love and pastry mix, and rivalries melt faster than butter on warm crust.

5. Love, Fall & Order

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Small-town vibes, anyone? Claire, a budding lawyer, returns to her hometown to save her family's farm from a developer. The catch? She has to go head-to-head with an opposing attorney, Patrick, her old rival and crush. Between court sessions, the two engage in some friendly (and not so friendly) autumn activities like the town's annual Fall Festival. With the changing leaves and an old rivalry rekindled into something more, it's the classic "enemies to lovers" with a Hallmark touch.

6. Falling for Vermont

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Angela, a bestselling author, suffers from amnesia after a car accident during a storm. She finds herself in a small town in Vermont and is taken in by Jeff Callan, a doctor, and his kids. With no memory of her past life or the pressures of her career, Angela embraces this fresh start. But what happens when her memory returns, and she's torn between the life she knew and the one she's grown to love? Autumn in Vermont serves as a beautiful backdrop to this tale of rediscovery.

7. Autumn in the Vineyard

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Frankie and Nate, both rival vineyard owners, aim to win the town's annual wine-making competition. But here's a twist: they're forced to share a vineyard during the harvest season. The vineyard is not just any plot of land, but it's Frankie's family's old vineyard, filled with memories. Amidst the grape picking and wine tasting, rivalry takes a backseat as romance brews. I mean, wine and romance? That's a pairing we can toast to.

8. Under the Autumn Moon

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Alexa is a hardworking executive from the city. She's sent to a ranch to convince its charming owner, Josh, to sell it for a corporate retreat. While she's all business initially, the ranch's autumn beauty and its fun traditions, from hayrides to moonlit nights, begin to sway her heart. And Josh? Let's just say he's making a compelling argument without uttering a word. It's a feel-good watch as city chic meets country charm.

9. Love on a Limb

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Aye, tree lovers unite! Aimie, a dedicated community woman, goes to great lengths to save her town's beloved oak tree, which is set to be cut down. She decides to camp out near the tree, attracting media attention. The town's mayor hires a landscaper, Kyle, to plant a replacement. However, Kyle ends up joining Aimie in her tree-saving mission. Falling leaves, and maybe, just maybe, falling in love?

10. Harvest Wedding

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Sarah Bloom, a wedding planner, is hired to plan the most anticipated wedding of the season. But there's a catch. The groom is her former fiancé and the bride, her childhood friend. As autumn sets in, Sarah juggles the bittersweet memories of the past while ensuring the couple gets their dream wedding. The vivid fall colors and the promise of second chances make this a heartfelt watch.

11. Moonlight in Vermont

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After a rough breakup, Fiona, a New York City realtor, escapes to her family's Vermont inn. Here, she bumps into her ex and his new girlfriend. Ouch, right? Seeking a rebound, she ropes in Derek, a local handyman, to pose as her new beau. As the leaves turn golden, their faux relationship starts feeling... real? Amidst maple syrup festivals and romantic strolls, Fiona finds that love often arrives when you least expect it.

12. My One & Only

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A reality dating show set amidst the autumn foliage? Sign me up! Stephanie, a contestant, and Alex, the bachelor, navigate challenges and dates, all while surrounded by stunning fall landscapes. As the competition heats up, it's evident that there's real chemistry brewing off-camera. Behind the reality TV drama, it's a genuine story of unexpected love in the most unexpected places.

13. All of My Heart: The Wedding

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Jenny and Brian, innkeepers and lovebirds, are preparing for their big day. But when a distant relative of Brian's claims ownership of their inn, their wedding plans hit a roadblock. Between pre-wedding jitters and the fight to save their beloved inn, can love truly conquer all? Set against the backdrop of the vibrant autumn countryside, this movie proves love and determination can overcome any hurdle.

14. The Good Witch's Garden

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Cassie, our enchanting heroine, moves into a seemingly haunted house in Middleton. As she works her magic to turn the derelict mansion into a beautiful bed & breakfast, she faces challenges, including a stranger claiming he's the rightful owner. Amidst the spooky goings-on, there's also the budding romance between Cassie and the town's sheriff. With magic, mystery, and fall all around, it's a whimsical watch.

15. Falling for You

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Lacey, a radio host, plans a fundraising bachelor bake-off to save her station. Aiden, a police officer and an old friend, joins the fun. Cakes, cookies, and sweet memories are revisited as Lacey and Aiden rekindle their old bond. As the town gathers for the big event amidst the crisp autumn air, it's not just baked goods that are warming up; old feelings are too.