10 Funniest Cameos in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

10 Funniest Cameos in Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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You might just want to rewatch these episodes after reading.

1. Craig Robinson as Doug Judy (Multiple Episodes)

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While not a conventional cameo, Craig Robinson's recurring guest spot as the charming, smooth-talking car thief turned friend, Doug Judy (a.k.a. the Pontiac Bandit), earns the top spot for the laughter it garners every single time. Robinson and Samberg's on-screen camaraderie are a treat to watch, each interaction escalating into a game of wits that leaves viewers in splits.

From the moment he steps onto the screen with his infectious charm, Doug Judy is a character viewers can't help but adore, despite his often shady shenanigans. Robinson's comic timing and the character's bizarre yet endearing friendship with Jake Peralta add a delightful layer of complexity and humor to the show.

2. Bill Hader as Seth Dozerman (Season 3, Episode 1 & 2)

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Bill Hader's cameo as the neurotic and intense Captain Seth Dozerman is one for the books. Appearing at the start of season three, Dozerman's short-lived stint as the 99's captain is characterized by his severe efficiency metrics, high stress levels, and an actual countdown to the squad's failure, affectionately named the 'Dozerpad.' The blend of Hader's frantic energy and brilliant comic timing, coupled with the absurdity of Dozerman's antics (including two heart attacks), make this cameo a memorable, hilarious interlude in the Nine-Nine's history.

3. Nick Offerman as Frederick (Season 3, Episode 8)

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"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" has had its fair share of hilarious guest stars, but few can beat Nick Offerman's appearance as Holt's ex-boyfriend, Frederick. The "Parks and Recreation" alumnus, known for his stern demeanor and impeccable comic delivery, fits right into the 99's shenanigans.

He effortlessly bounces off Andre Braugher's Captain Holt, leading to numerous amusing interactions. Frederick's love for woodworking, combined with his deadpan responses to the eccentricities of the squad, especially Boyle's woodworking ineptitude, make Offerman's cameo a laughter-filled standout.

4. Maya Rudolph as U.S. Marshal Karen Haas (Season 4, Episodes 1 & 2)

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Maya Rudolph's brief stint as U.S. Marshal Karen Haas in the witness protection storyline is every bit as delightful and hilarious as one would expect. Rudolph's flamboyant performance, her knack for comedy, and her effortless chemistry with the regular cast elevate the humor quotient of these episodes significantly.

Her character's inexplicable obsession with giving Holt and Peralta "cool" new identities, her spur-of-the-moment decisions, and her trademark one-liners make her cameo a perfect blend of quirky and humorous.

5. Eva Longoria as Sophia Perez (Multiple Episodes)

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Eva Longoria's recurring appearance as Sophia Perez, Jake's defense attorney girlfriend, offers some of the funniest moments in the show's early seasons. Longoria's comedic flair, coupled with Sophia's no-nonsense approach to her whirlwind relationship with Jake, leads to numerous laugh-out-loud moments.

Sophia's confusing courtroom jargon, her surprising fondness for meatball subs, and her eventual break-up with Jake – because he apparently reminds her of work (a.k.a. criminals) – make her presence on the show an absolute comic delight.

6. Lin-Manuel Miranda as David Santiago (Season 6, Episode 9)

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The mastermind behind "Hamilton" has a hilarious turn as Amy Santiago's boastful, competitive brother, David. Lin-Manuel Miranda's brilliant performance expertly mirrors Melissa Fumero's Amy, highlighting the Santiago family's intense obsession with rules and organization.

Miranda brings his characteristic energy and theatrical flair to the role, giving us a Santiago sibling showdown for the ages. From their incessant rivalry to their delightful "casecation" banter, David's character is a hysterical addition to the Brooklyn Nine-Nine universe.

7. Nicole Byer as Trudy Judy (Multiple Episodes)

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Nicole Byer made her Brooklyn Nine-Nine debut as Doug Judy's sister, Trudy Judy, and it's every bit as hilarious as you'd expect. Byer's vivacious energy, combined with her knack for physical comedy, makes Trudy a standout character.

She's an absolute riot in her interactions with Jake and Rosa, be it when she's leading them on a wild goose chase or when she's passionately singing about Rosa's supposed death. Trudy Judy is a chip off the old Pontiac Bandit block, and Byer's comedic prowess makes her a fantastic addition to the series.

8. Jason Mantzoukas as Adrian Pimento (Multiple Episodes)

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Jason Mantzoukas' portrayal of Adrian Pimento, an unhinged detective who returns to the Nine-Nine after years undercover, is a comedic tour de force. Pimento's unpredictable nature, intense paranoia, and passionate romance with Rosa lead to numerous hilariously absurd scenarios.

Mantzoukas' ability to commit wholeheartedly to Pimento's mania ensures that his time on the show is as memorable as it is funny. His penchant for over-the-top drama, coupled with his unique relationship with the 99 squad, makes Pimento's character an unforgettable part of the series.

9. Neil deGrasse Tyson as Himself (Season 3, Episode 9)

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The esteemed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson makes a delightful cameo as Terry's neighbor and celestial tutor for Gina. The humor in Tyson's appearance stems from the juxtaposition of his high-minded science talk with Gina's whimsical, off-kilter musings. Terry trying to keep up with their supposed "science speak" adds another layer of comedy. Tyson's willingness to play along with the show's comedic tone, even in a self-deprecating manner, makes his cameo a charming and funny highlight.

10. Fred Armisen as Mlepnos (Multiple Episodes)

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Fred Armisen's Mlepnos, the eccentric and confusingly multilingual neighbor, appears in the series pilot and reprises his role in the season 2 finale. His disjointed, impossible-to-place accent and his bizarre folk instrument ("It's from a part of the world you have never heard of") add an air of surreal humor to the episodes he graces.

Whether he's baffling Jake and Amy with his unusual traditions or singing an absurdly long song at their wedding, Mlepnos is a wonderfully strange addition to the show's collection of cameos. Armisen's comedic versatility shines through in this wacky, memorable role.