10 Disturbing Things About Harry Potter Wizards That Rowling Never Addressed

10 Disturbing Things About Harry Potter Wizards That Rowling Never Addressed
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Unsettling aspects that shape the Harry Potter universe: the not-so-magical reality.

It's no secret the magical world of Harry Potter has captivated millions of readers. However, beneath the surface of heroic adventures and battles against dark forces, there are several disturbing aspects that haven't been addressed by JK Rowling. From the treatment of magical creatures to the lack of consequences for countless wrongdoings, the following 10 disturbing things raise important questions about the moral and social dynamics within the Wizarding World.

1. The Treatment of House Elves

House elves are magical and intelligent creatures, yet they're essentially kept as slaves, serving their masters. Despite their loyalty, they're subjected to cruel treatment and are often dismissed as insignificant beings. Although the majority of house elves are accustomed to their work, and some of them even seem to enjoy it, the series failed to address why they've been subjected to this injustice for so long in the first place.

2. Discrimination Against Muggles

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In the realm of Harry Potter, Muggle-born wizards are unfairly viewed as inferior due to their non-magical heritage. They're targeted by pure-blood supremacists, who often express derogatory opinions towards Muggles, referring to them as unintelligent or foolish. Although Rowling hints at this issue, she never fully explores its impact, leaving many readers with a sense of unease regarding the toxic divide and systemic bias within the wizarding society.

3. Lack of Consequences for Bullying and Abuse

Throughout the series, we witness countless instances of bullying and abuse, particularly by characters like Draco Malfoy and the Slytherin house (though there are many others who are just as guilty). But the issue isn't necessarily the mistreatment itself but rather the lack of consequences. This is not only deeply disturbing but also surprising, as the teachers (or social services, in Harry's case) never seem to bat an eye. The failure to address the repercussions of such behavior can send a troubling message to young readers about accountability and the importance of standing up against injustice.

4. The Normalization of Memory Modification

In the Wizarding World, memory modification is accepted as a completely normal part of society. Memories can be altered for a number of reasons, including keeping the secrecy of the magical world and hiding heinous crimes.

However, this has troubled many fans as they feel like the disregard for the autonomy and rights of an individual raises ethical concerns, which seem to be ignored in the series due to sheer convenience.

5. Questionable Justice System

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Everything about the wizarding judicial system seems slightly dubious. First of all, there's a distinct lack of due process. The Ministry of Magic often resorts to arbitrary punishments and sends people to Azkaban without a proper trial, yet also fails to bring the actual culprits to justice. Secondly, witness testimonies are often taken as the ultimate truth without any verification or thorough investigation of the motive behind a crime.

6. Muggle Parents Are Left in the Dark

Muggle parents of magical children are often left in the dark when it comes to their children's well-being and have no easy way to check up on them at Hogwarts. This lack of communication probably leaves the parents feeling completely disconnected from their own children's lives. Not to mention the fact that there are countless extreme things that happen behind closed doors of this school that they may want to be aware of.

7. Problematic Love Potions

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The acceptance of love potions in the series is seriously disturbing. It's perplexing how everyone is so open about using them and that they're not banned, considering how easily they can be abused. Unlike other spells that have more useful applications, love potions serve a singular purpose – manipulation of others to please personal desires.

This approval of coercion raises important questions about free will and consent, yet Rowling has never explained why these potions have a place in the series in the first place.

8. Hogwarts' Neglect of Child Welfare

Hogwarts is portrayed as a place where danger and negligence thrive, posing a significant risk to the well-being of its students. From the presence of dangerous creatures like soul-sucking dementors to students being sent to the forbidden forest as a punishment, the disregard for the lives and safety of young wizards is distressing and brings up concerns about the overall priorities and values of this community.

9. The Horrible Treatment of Magical Beasts

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In this magical world, the battle between good and evil is a prominent theme. While Hogwarts is known for its virtuous ideals, its treatment of magical creatures like dragons, gnomes, centaurs, merpeople, house-elves and goblins, is far from okay (and, in fact, contradictory).

Dragons suffer a fate of captivity, chained and forced to endure torment for the sake of entertainment or protection. House-elves are slaves. Centaurs and merpeople are forced into small reservations and have almost no rights. Despite several rebellions, goblins are still considered subservient to wizards and witches. And some readers may remember a very questionable remark from the Half-Blood Prince:

'Fred, George, Harry, and Ron were the only ones who knew that the angel on top of the tree was actually a garden gnome that had bitten Fred on the ankle as he pulled up carrots for Christmas dinner. Stupefied, painted gold, stuffed into a miniature tutu and with small wings glued to its back, it glowered down at them all, the ugliest angel Harry had ever seen.'

Good job, 'heroes.'

10. The Dangers of Polyjuice Potion

While assuming the physical form of another person may seem thrilling and enticing, the moral and ethical dilemmas that come with it compel us to question the very essence of identity and integrity. The potential for misuse of this transformative elixir is hugely underestimated. From faking alibis to framing others and gaining access to secrets, trust is an elusive concept in this magical realm, as you may be vulnerable at any point.