10 Brutally Honest Movies About Motherhood

10 Brutally Honest Movies About Motherhood
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Were they doing everything right for their children?

Never Rarely Sometimes Always, 2020

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This is a heartwarming tale of two teenage girls from a small town in Pennsylvania. Faced with an unwanted pregnancy and a lack of support from loved ones, Autumn and her cousin Skylar cross the borders of their home state and head to New York City.

It is a story of friendship, courage and compassion. It shows us that during difficult times, when your life changes dramatically, it is important to have someone by your side who is willing to support you no matter what.

Tully, 2018

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The film tells the story of a woman named Marlo, a mother of two who is getting ready to have her third child. Despite the fact that she is on maternity leave, taking care of the children drains all her energy and gradually drives her into depression. Her ever-busy husband can not help Marlo, so she has to deal with everything on her own.

Until one day she decides to hire a nanny named Tully to take care of the children. The helper turns out to be incredibly competent. So much so that Marlo not only begins to sleep well, but also becomes an attentive and sensitive mother again.

The film is about the honest confession of a woman whose previously carefree and hectic life is now entirely devoted to home and children. Marlo suffers from this idea of a perfect mother that she could never be.

Lady Bird, 2017

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The comedy drama reflects the problems that teenagers face: misunderstandings with their parents, first love, friendship and the search of their true identity.

Seventeen-year-old Christine is finishing her last year of high school. She does not want to be controlled by her overbearing mother. She does not want to use her own name and comes up with the nickname Lady Bird. She seeks college opportunities across the country, and, of course, encounters her first love. The girl tries to get out of her imaginary problems by going against the rules. However, she still comes to the conclusion that her parents were right about a lot of things and that she does not have anyone closer than them.

Lion, 2016

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The plot of the film is based on real events that happened to Saroo Brierley. At the age of five, a boy from India accidentally finds himself on a train that takes him to an unknown destination. This leads to him being lost and ending up in an orphanage.

Fortunately, he is soon adopted by a wonderful Australian family. All his life Saroo has been haunted by the image of his mother and the memories of his past life. After more than 20 years, he decides to go on a search for his birth family.

Room, 2015

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The film is about a five-year-old boy and his mother who are forced to live in an isolated room.

While still a teenager, Joy was kidnapped and raped by Old Nick. Soon she became pregnant and gave birth to Jack. The baby never left the room. For Jack, the room is the only world he knows, and his mother is the only person who can tell him about the world outside their space. Joy was doing everything in her power to teach and educate her child. Then suddenly, they have a chance to get out of their confinement...

Mommy, 2014

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Diane Després is a single mother raising her adult son, Steve, who suffers from mental illness. Anything can be a trigger that sets him off and leads to dangerous consequences. Steve lived in a specialized boarding school as a teenager, but they kicked him out and now Diane has to raise him on her own.

Given her complicated character, it is not easy for them to live together. The temporary warmth that arose in their relationship thanks to a friendly neighbor proves to be short-lived.

The Kids Are All Right, 2010

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Same-sex couple Nic and Jules are raising two children. Younger son Laser convinces his sister Joni to find their biological father. Both were born through a sperm bank, and keeping it a secret from their mothers they decide to find out the name of the donor. It turns out to be Paul, a farmer and restaurant owner who lives next door.

As Laser and Joni get to know their new father, the mothers become jealous of Bob first over the children and then over each other.

Changeling, 2008

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The story is based on true events that took place in Los Angeles in the 1920s. Christine Collins is a single mother whose beloved son disappeared. After contacting the police, she soon gets her child back to the excitement of journalists.

The problem is that even though he looks similar, Christine feels that this is not her son. And that is how the protagonist's long struggle with the corrupt system begins... Instead of help, the poor mother receives misunderstanding and indifference. But she is not ready to give up her real son and will do anything to find out the truth.

Juno, 2007

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The story of Juno, a high school girl who gets pregnant by her handsome friend.

Having made the willful decision not to have an abortion, but to find new parents for her unborn child, the girl decides to leave an ad in the newspaper. This is how she managed to meet a family that seemed perfect. However, they have their own skeletons in the closet. Juno has to decide if she is ready to give them the baby. The touching hesitation of the protagonist makes everyone's heart flutter.

A girl who is not ready to become a mother wishes the best for her child and is afraid of making a fatal mistake.

Stepmom, 1998

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The film tells a story of two women competing for the love and attention of their children. Isabel, father's new woman, suddenly comes into the lives of twelve-year-old Anna and six-year-old Ben. The young wife tries her best to win their love. However, the children’s mother, Jackie, uses all her authority and power over the kids to prevent this from happening.

But everything changes when Jackie learns that she is terminally ill. She realizes that only Isabel can make the children's lives happy and complete...