10 Big Bang Theory Details That Will Make You Want To Rewatch Immediately

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Big Bang Theory is probably one of the best known shows in the Internet.

Penny instead of Katie and Gilda

Now it's hard to believe that the series was originally conceived somewhat differently. For example, the initial version contained not one but two female characters - the rude street hooligan Katie and Gilda, who was cut down altogether, and nothing is known about her. Kathy transformed into Penny, the pretty and seemingly frivolous neighbor of the main characters.

Real Formulas

All the formulas and scientific dialogues in the series are real and not the fiction of screenwriters. The script was supervised by University of California professor David Saltzberg. It is a known pleasure for engineering students to pause on formulas on the famous chalkboard, and look for errors.

If they find one, it's by the physicist's oversight. For the most part, the complex equations solved in the show are genuine.


The actor Jim Parsons, who played the fans' favorite genius Sheldon Cooper, shared numerously that almost every take made him paranoid. The actor was afraid to mix up complex scientific text, which he had to pronounce not only confidently, but even imposingly and arrogantly.

The Real Doctor of Science

It is known that almost all the cast play musical instruments, and Amy (portrayed by Maim Bialik) actually mastered the harp as a child. The actress also happens to be the only one in the cast with a real academic degree. Not in physics, all right, but in neurobiology.

A real collection

The Big Bang Theory features a collection of belt buckles worn by Simon Heiberg's character Howard Wolowitz. In real life, the collection belongs to the actor himself who had it for a very long time and carefully chose new buckles for each episode.


Unlike the belt collection, the annoying high-pitched voice of Howard’s girlfriend Bernadette is fake. Melissa Roach spent a long time looking for a quirk to define her character. In the end, the actress used her mother’s thin squeaky voice as an inspiration. She specifically trained her voice by listening to her mother speak and imitating her tone until she reached the point where she sounded organic. Now fans can't imagine Bernadette with a different voice and are very surprised that the actress speaks differently when approached for an autograph.


The two main characters of the show, Sheldon and Leonard, were named after the famous American producer and actor Sheldon Leonard. The showrunners provided them with meaningful last names as well. Both are named after Nobel laureates in Physics: Sheldon’s last name is after Leon N. Cooper and Leonard’s is after Robert Hofstadter. Penny, on the other hand, has no last name. At least, it’s not mentioned in any season.

Sheldon's Lullaby

Sheldon's favorite lullaby about a warm fluffy kitten does in fact exist and wasn’t invented specifically for the series. It was brought to the set by the director Bill Prady who noticed his little daughter sing it, after hearing it from a kindergarten teacher. The girl's words were used to find the song. It turned out to be a gentle lullaby written back in the 1930s, based on a Polish folk song.


Bill Prady also "gave" Raj his fear of women. Bill even had to undergo therapy to stop being silent in the presence of ladies. As a symbol of his healing, he imbued one of the characters with the phobia.

The mother

And finally, there is also a tragic fact. In the show, Howard had a mother with a menacing voice. To be precise, the mysterious voice belonged to the actress Carroll Ann Susi. The producers would never admit whether they intended to introduce her into the frame at some point. What is known, however, is that the character of Mom died following the voice actress's passing. Susi died from cancer at the age of 62, taking with her that unmistakable voice.