10 Best Horror K-Dramas And Where to Stream Them This Halloween

10 Best Horror K-Dramas And Where to Stream Them This Halloween
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This Spooktober has the creepiest and most thought-provoking series on offer.

South Korean TV series and movies have long proven themselves as original and intriguing narratives capable of competing with the most popular American and European productions. That is particularly true in the horror genre: their plots do not rely on clichés and tropes familiar to Western audiences. Instead, the stories draw inspiration from traditional folklore, religious motifs, urban legends, and pressing issues of contemporary Korean society.

This unique blend makes the horror facet of the Korean Wave an incredibly appealing phenomenon, especially this upcoming Halloween. It offers a refreshing alternative to the likes of John Carpenter's extravagant films or Mike Flanagan's TV series. Here are the top horror K-dramas available on streaming services for Halloween 2023.

10. Goedam (2020, available on Netflix) — A horror anthology series inspired by Korean folklore and urban legends set in a mysterious apartment building.

9. Somebody (2022, available on Netflix) — A developer with Asperger syndrome creates a dating app and assists a friend in an investigation after a serial killer begins using her product.

8. Hellbound (2021, available on Netflix) — The series set in the near future follows a mysterious angel condemning certain individuals to Hell, a situation exploited by emerging cults.

7. The Cursed (2020, available on Roku) — A reporter investigates a powerful, corrupt family protected by ominous supernatural forces.

6. Sweet Home (2020, available on Netflix) — The protagonist moves into an apartment complex, only to discover a horrific epidemic has erupted outside, trapping all the residents within.

5. Soul (2009, available on Kocowa+) — A criminal psychologist manipulates the supernatural powers of a girl possessed by her vengeful twin sister's spirit.

4. All Of Us Are Dead (2022, available on Netflix) — A riveting post-apocalyptic drama about high school students attempting to survive a zombie apocalypse.

3. Hell Is Other People (2019, available on Roku) — A young writer relocates to Seoul and moves into an inexpensive dormitory where the residents harbor dark secrets.

2. The Guest (2018, available on Netflix) — A psychic, a detective, and a Catholic priest form an unlikely trio to combat demons.

1. Kingdom (2019, available on Netflix) — A fantasy series that blends elements of horror, period drama, zombie apocalypse, and political thriller.

The distinctiveness of each drama lies in both the diverse range of genres and the themes dealt with in the stories, which resonate deeply with Koreans due to collectively experienced historical and contemporary traumas. It is this aspect that makes these shows incredibly vivid and chilling. Yet, it is evident that the filmmakers cleverly incorporated a sense of fun into their creations.

So, folks, stock up on soju and brace yourselves for an incredibly thrilling and spooky Halloween!